Part: III Life Guide

Life Guide

Chapter: 21 Stay Healthy

WaterGood health not only helps to protect us from various diseases but also helps to live longer, save money, work efficiently, be happy and be stronger (physically and mentally)……Read more

Chapter: 22 Earn Money

DollarsThe main purpose of money is to be able to solve various problems and to be happy. The more money you will earn, the more it will enable you to solve various problems……Read more

Chapter: 23 Be Successful

Happy personIn this earth only handful of people are successful who lives every moment as a gift and utilize each seconds efficiently. But many are not successful they just live like they are forced to live and they work like they are forced to work……Read more

Chapter: 24 Set Your Goal

GOALA goal helps to invest all your energy and effort in a specific area in more organized way. And focusing on single task helps to bring achievement easily and helps to gain depth skill in ……Read more

Chapter: 25 Be Productive

MeetingEvery human being in this earth is gifted with equal amount of time. But some people progress too much faster than other. This is all due to his/her productiveness……Read more

Chapter: 26 Avoid Procrastination

Avoid procrastinationProcrastinating habit not only wastes your time but also makes you less productive, lazy, unsuccessful and causes feeling of regret……Read more

Chapter: 27 Cultivate New Habit

Habit AristotleDo you want to change your life by cultivating new habits or breaking old bad habit? Good habits can helps to become better and do more progress in life……Read more

Chapter: 28 Start Meditation

Buddha meditatingMeditation helps to get control over our stress more efficiently. It brings a lasting peace and calmness. Many great people have also described the benefit of meditation. Meditation helps to see the world in different attitude and view……Read more

Chapter: 29 Spend Your Time With Good People

JIm rohn quoteYou are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. -Jim Rohn. Our thoughts and attitude are influenced up to large extent by the people around us……Read more

Chapter: 30 Get Motivated

Nick VujicicDo you think yourself as the most unlucky person in the world? Do you think that you lack talent or back support to progress in life? Do you think your life is surrounded with problem?……Read more