Chapter: 34 Improve Your Memory


Our brain is highly flexible and is made up of plastic like substance that changes on the basis of our experience, emotions and behaviours. So, the more we use our brain the more it will develop.

Some of the things you can do to improve the development of brain and memory are:


1. Avoid too much stress:

Stressing over positive things, personal development and things you can do is good for up to some extent. It helps to find new solutions and ideas. But stressing over things which is out of your control can destroy the brain cells and damage hippocampus.


2. To allow your brain to operate fully give priority to adequate sleep, exercise and meditation:


3. Try to breathe more deeply and stay in fresh environment as much as you can. This helps to increase blood oxygen saturation which can enhance memory function:


4. Eat well and eat right:

A healthy diet contributes a lot to make brain healthy and developed. Food containing antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids such as colourful fruits, milk, fish, green vegetables, broccoli, etc helps in brain development. Drinking enough water is also necessary for enough brain functioning.


5. The more we utilize our brain the more it activates and grow. So, keep on learning new things for whole life. Learn to play music, learn new language, read new book, etc:

photo credit: jef safi via photopin cc