Chapter: 35 Exam Tips

Studying for exam

Even though how hard you study but if you are unable to present yourself properly in exam then you will not get the proper marks.

So, it is very necessary to present yourself properly in exam. Some of the tips which can help you to present yourself properly in exam are:

1. Be well prepared ahead:

Don’t depend on cramming whole night before examination day. This will not only make you more confused and stressed but also decrease your efficiency. By being well prepared before examination you will not only improve your grades but also improve your knowledge.

For this reason study daily and don’t let your work to be piled up for exam.


2. Have a attractive handwriting:

In this world, generally attractive things get more priority. So, the student having attractive handwriting tends to get good marks than student without attractive handwriting even for same answer:

Some tips for having good handwriting are:

  1. Motivate yourself to improve your handwriting.
  2. Hold the pen in your own way which is familiar to you.
  3. Pattern of all your handwriting should be same. Either all should be slanted or straight.
  4.  Size of letters should be same. Size of all capital letters and all small letters should be same.
  5. Try to create equal gaps between two words.
  6. Don’t squeeze the letters in a words and words in a sentence too much.

While practicing to write in good handwriting don’t give up due to failure. Be slow and steady. Take adequate time to write and don’t hurry.

Once you get in the habit of good handwriting you don’t have to make more efforts.

“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not a act but a habit.”



3. Check out the past question papers and specification grid:

Be familiar with the format of a question paper. Find out the type of questions which can be asked. And develop a strategy ahead of examination to solve question paper. Use the specification grid to study in effective and productive way.

But don’t depend only on past question papers and specification grid.


5. Miscellaneous:

  • Be well rested during exam and don’t get stressed but stay positive.
  • Be aware about your health and food during exam. Because if you become ill during exam then you won’t be able to do well in exam.
  • Enter the exam hall at proper time to avoid rushing and stress.

6. During exam:

  • Do a memory dump. After beginning of exam write down the things in your answer sheet which you may forget later. But don’t write before beginning of exam otherwise you will be regarded as cheater. While writing answer of one question if facts and ideas about another question get popped into your mind then note it down quickly.
  • After finishing examination and coming out of exam hall, don’t discuss with your friend about questions of exam. This will only make you doubt over your answers which can make you stressed and tensed. Thus, this stress and tension can decrease the concentration and efficiency for preparing other exam.


Avoid cheating in exam. By cheating you may get good marks but you will lack knowledge. By cheating you can’t get inner satisfaction and fulfillment. Cheating habit makes you more lazier and you will lack pressure to study well due to dependency on cheating.

“It is dignity to be fail than to be passed by cheating.”

-Abraham Lincoln

If you have only certificate you will get good job but can’t progress. But if you have both knowledge and certificate you can create job for yourself and other and do more progress.

Treat your exam as a scanner to detect flaws and weakness and try to improve such flaws and weakness. Realize you are studying to make your own future better not others.

Sometimes results may not come as expected. In such case don’t let the paper known as mark-sheet or certificate to judge you and don’t allow it to limit you. Be happy on how much knowledge you gained rather than being unhappy for low grades. Instead of thinking ‘if’ think ‘next time’.

photo credit: nerissa’s ring via photopin cc