Chapter: 21 Stay Healthy

 “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”           -Jim Rohn

Are you taking care of your body? If not then you should start to take care of it. If your body becomes healthy then all the aspects of your life will become healthy. That’s why people say, “Health is Wealth.” Even though how much wealth you have all will be worthless if you are unhealthy and you will not even get the chance to enjoy your life properly.

Think about how will you feel when you get infected from common cold or fever? Will it feel good? Probably not. If even by suffering from such kind of simple diseases can make you feel bored and stressed, then imagine how it will feel by suffering from dangerous diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart attack etc. Or ask the person who has suffered from such dangerous diseases about his/her feeling.

Many people say that if one has wealth then he/she can ultimately become healthy. It is also true up to some extent, with the help of wealth one can cure wide range of diseases. But what is the worth of pain, misery and loss of time faced while being unhealthy. So, there is no doubt that health is wealth. By being healthy you can save money and even earn more money. Think, how much it will cost to cure diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, kidney failure etc. Certainly it will cost hundreds of thousands of money and don’t forget to add pain and misery also. And remember that, this is very short list of diseases, there are more than hundreds types of different diseases which can attack us if we don’t try to be healthy.

Good health not only helps to protect us from various diseases but also helps to live longer, save money, work efficiently, be happy and be stronger (physically and mentally).

And it is also not so hard to be healthy, if you add these following simple activities which are mentioned below in your daily life, then you can be healthy:

1. Drink water:


Do you know that more than 60% of our body is made up of water? If you don’t know, then get to know it. Water is used for various activities in our body like digestion, absorption of nutrients, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients and maintenance of body. That’s why an average man can’t survive more than 7 days without water.

Water not only helps in survival but also helps to remove toxins and by-products from our body, helps to keep skin fresh and moisturized, prevents various skin disorders. Water helps to prevent dehydration, helps to fight against flu and other ailments like kidney stone and even reduce risk of bladder and colon cancer. Water helps in brain development that’s why it is also regarded as brain food.

So, drink at least 3-4 litres of water daily for the best results. But remember water which you drink should be clean and healthy. If needed, then you can also increase the amount of intake of water beyond 4 litres. But remember too much consumption of water is also not good because in such condition your body may lose useful nutrients through urine.

2. Sleep well:

In past people used to think that those who sleep less can progress a lot and do better. But time has changed a lot and many scientific researches have shown various benefits and facts about sleeping well.

Some of the facts and benefits are:

  1. While sleeping, our body maintains and repairs tissues and cells at high rate. Adequate sleep can also reduce the risk of tumor.
  2. Lack of proper sleep can increase the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, depression and various body and hormonal disorder.
  3. Adequate sleep helps in memory retention, improvement of memory and concentration.

So, try to sleep for about 7-8 hours daily. If you think you need a nap during a day then have it but make it less than of 30 minutes. Remember except for babies and small children, sleeping more is also as much dangerous as sleeping less. For best results sleep and wake up at regular time daily even in holiday. You should know that quality of sleep matters the most than quantity. So, to improve the quality of sleep avoid the use of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. As far as you can, try to avoid use of caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee etc.

3. Eat healthy and control your weight:

Few decades ago people used to believe that eating more is good for health and they used to take fatness as a symbol of wealth, happiness and good health. But many researches have proved that those facts are not true. Both, being overweight and eating unbalanced diet can make you unhealthy and vulnerable to various diseases like diabetes, heart problems and many more. Being overweight and eating unhealthy foods not only make you unhealthy, but also make you less efficient and look awful.

So, start to work on it before it becomes too late. Eat less processed foods and less sugary foods. Avoid emotional eating (habit of eating due to various emotions or to avoid stress) and avoid eating more than necessary. Add green vegetables, colourful fruits and home made food in your diet as much as you can.

If you really want to loose weight then you should be slow and steady. Don’t run after attractive and unbelievable advertisement but take the suggestion of expert and health specialists. Don’t try to achieve the size of underweight models, shown in T.V because being underweight is also not healthy and can bring various health problems. Remember the main aim of controlling the weight is to be healthy and active. And some people can be healthy and active even if they look overweight. So, don’t get frustrated even if you don’t lose weight. And don’t stop exercising. Don’t eat as much as you can but eat as much as you need.

4. Exercise daily:

Girl jogging

Development of technology and machines have not only made our life comfortable but also have made our life vulnerable and risky to various diseases and disorders. Our ancestors used to live by hunting, running and facing various physical obstacles daily that’s why they were healthy and used to live longer. But we being children of that same ancestors are depending on machines to make our life comfortable and efficient that’s why we are becoming more and more weaker and unhealthy.

Although it is not possible to live like our ancestors in this 21st century but exercising can solve the problem. And benefits of exercising worth more than the effort needed to exercise. So, start doing 20-30 minutes of exercise daily. If you can’t manage that much time then at least do 10 minutes of exercise daily but it should be more intense. Remember in the context of exercise, little is better than nothing.

Daily work and normal activity don’t generally falls in exercise. And gym and money is also not needed for exercising. Activity like briskly walking, jogging, doing yoga or stretches can do the work of exercise. Activities which increase your heart beat and which make you unable to sing a song while doing it can be regarded as exercise. While doing exercise try to take deep breath rather than short and fast breathe in order to prevent lack of oxygen in blood.

5. Meditate daily:

Do you have a habit of doing meditation? If not then you should start to meditate. There are so many reasons to meditate and some of them are:

  1. Meditation helps to increase immunity by increasing the activity of disease fighting genes and can even helps to reduce the risks of cancer.
  2. Meditation helps to reduce the risk of depression, reduces stress and unhealthy emotions and brings calmness.
  3. Meditation can helps to improve memory by increasing the growth of cell in the hippocampus of brain.

These are just short lists of benefits of meditation. Start meditation from today to grab all the benefits of meditation.

6. Avoid cigarette, alcohol and drugs:

Today’s world is amazing people are doing things which they shouldn’t do and negative things are getting more and more popular. Do you think using substances like cigarette, alcohol and drugs is profitable? Certainly, not. Although there is very tiny benefit of using these substances but losses and disadvantages are very huge. Ultimately, there will be no chance of profit if loss is very huge than profit.

So, avoid using such substances and don’t even try for one time. Also try to avoid passive smoking because it is also as much harmful as direct smoking. And even if you are addicted to these substances try to get rid of addiction of such substances as soon as possible. By getting rid of addiction you can add 5-10 years in your life span, your risks of various disease can be reduced dramatically, your medical expense and expenditure will be saved, you will become better person and you will be able to live better and normal life.

7. Manage stress:

Do you have good hygiene? If not, then have it. Good hygiene not only makes you healthy by preventing communicable diseases but also makes you look more smarter.

And to have good hygiene is not very hard, just little effort can give you good hygiene. Some of the tips to have good hygiene are:

  1. Stay clean and wear clean clothes as far as possible.
  2. Brush your teeth twice in a day for about two minutes each time. If you don’t brush your teeth then toxins and germs from teeth not only harms your gums but also can impure your blood and can even affect other organs. Don’t use sand or coal to clean the teeth, but instead use tooth paste containing fluoride. Many people ignore to brush teeth after and before sleeping but it is more important to brush at that time because at night time our mouth doesn’t releases saliva, thus this increases the chance of tooth decay and plaque formation at night time.
  3. Trim your nails (of both leg and hand) short. But if you want to keep it long then keep it, but it should be clean.
  4. Wash your hand properly as far as you can with soap and water before eating and after going to toilet.
  5. Try to keep your surrounding and your material clean, neat and tidy.


8. Manage your stress:

Do you know our body is composed of both physical and mental aspect? So, it is not enough to be physically healthy only, being mentally healthy is also equally necessary.

For the better mental health one should know the way to manage stress.

Generally there are two method of managing stress i.e. healthy and unhealthy. Unhealthy method of stress management includes smoking, drinking alcohol too much, overeating or under eating, emotional eating, sleeping too much, procrastinating, using pills or drugs to relax and using excessive T.V or internet to forget about problem. Unhealthy methods are easy to apply and reduce stress temporarily but can cause huge damage later. Unhealthy method don’t helps to solve the problem but makes it more worse. That’s why don’t use unhealthy method.

Always use the healthy method to solve stress because it not only gives sense of satisfaction but also helps to solve problems. Some of the healthy method to manage stress are:

  1. Change your thinking style:
  2. Realize that working hard to lessen the problem is far more better than stressing over the problem.
  3. Learn to forgive other for their mistake (especially if their mistake is small) as far as you can. Always apologise for your mistake and think to do better in next time. Let go the negative feeling and emotions like hatred, envy, jealousy etc.
  4. Focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have. Focus on the things you can do or achieve instead of focusing on the things which is out of your control like death of family members, natural disaster, weather etc. Focus on what you have gained instead of focusing on what you have lost. Focus on positive things to attract more positive things and feelings in your life.
  5. If your environment is the major cause of stress then change your environment to fit according to your desire or need. But if you can’t change it, then try to change your attitude to fit with the environment.
  6. Learn to say ‘no’ to avoid too much or unnecessary responsibility. You should try to make yourself happy before making others happy.
  7. Try to enjoy everything you have, even your work. Set aside the particular time regularly for doing the activities you like most. For example, spending time with good friends, sharing feelings with closest person, listening to music, playing sports which you like, watching comedy etc.
  8. Meditation can also help to manage the stress, so try to do it. Or take deep breathes and try to relax. Imagine of being in the beautiful place you like.

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