Part: II Teenage Life

Teenage Life:

Chapter: 11 Teenage Life

TeenagersEveryone experiences teenage life which begin at about 11 years of age and last up to about 20 years of age. This is a transitional stage of physical and psychological human development…..Read more

Chapter: 12 Value of time

Awesome WatchIf you live for about next 70 years then you have only about 25,550 days remaining to live. For a while…….. Read more

Chapter: 13 Teenage Love

Teenage lovers holding handSo, love is a wonderful thing to have if done in a right and proper way. But teenagers are not fully developed to make their love successful. That’s why; teenage loves……..Read more

Chapter: 14 Understanding Sex

Teenager kissingIn the teenage period due to hormonal production and development of sex organs for being able to produce baby, you may feel desire to have sex……Read more

Chapter: 15 Sexual Abuse and Bullying

Abused girlSexual abuse also known as molestation, is the forcing of undesired sexual behaviour by one person upon another. The offender is referred to as a sexual abuser or molester……..Read more

Chapter: 16 Depression

Depressed ladyDepression is the state of low and aversion that can have a negative effect on person’s thoughts, feeling, world’s view and physical well being. Depression has no age limit and can occur to all age group………Read more

Chapter: 17 Facts Behind Stage

ConcertsEvery great person of this world were all borne naked like everyone else. What makes them different from ordinary people is the hours and hours of their dedications and efforts, they applied to enhance their craft and skill…….Read more

Chapter: 18 Five Major Mistakes by Teen

teenage girl smokingIn this chapter I am going to describe about five major mistakes which can occur in teenage and can effect throughout the life time………Read more

Chapter: 19 Learn to Say ‘NO’

Saying noYou may think saying no is not good. But I am talking about saying no to those people who are bad or to those things which you don’t like or which is not good……..Read more

Chapter: 20 Are you a materialistic person

Expensive carNow, do you think buying latest goods and material without any need (or without having any good reason) can make you happy? Well, if yes, then you are too much far away from real truth…….Read more