Chapter: 33 Improve Your Focus


Good focus can help your brain to grab something more easily and effectively in short-time. Some tips to improve focus are:

1. Avoid distraction:

Avoid watching TV, listening music or doing other tasks while studying. If you can’t control the noise coming from outside of your house then use the white sound to replace such noise. You can download white sound from internet. Sometimes clutter of your studying room can be distracting. So, try to make studying room clean and tidy.


2. Manage breaks:

Studying continuously for hours without break can decrease your efficiency and waste your effort. Try to have breaks of 2-5 minutes after studying for 20-30 minutes. During break-time drink water, do stretch or take a short walk. But during break time don’t watch TV, listen radio, use internet nor do chat or gossiping with friends because such activity generally attracts you for long time and waste your time. By having proper focus you not only can increase your efficiency but you can also remain fresh and alert. But if you think you can study continuously with same level or more efficiency for more than 20-30 minutes without having break then keep on studying beyond 20-30 minutes.


3. Be well rested and stay hydrated. For that, sleep about 7-8 hours daily and carry a water bottle with yourself while studying:


4. Set a separate time for worrying or thinking:

If you think that you worry or think too much while studying then set separate time of your day for worrying or thinking. For this, note down topic of thought that popped into your brain while studying and postpone it to the time separated for thinking and worrying. But if you are worrying about the thing that can be done within about 2 minutes, then do it.


5. Do meditation regularly and choose a comfortable position to study but not so comfortable that you may fell asleep. Always stay motivated and interested while studying:


6. Change your studying position or studying subjects periodically to prevent feeling of boredom and to stay alert:

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