Final Words

Final words

There is a saying, “Children don’t follow what you teach, but follow what you are.”

This quote is absolutely true. I also agree with it. But remember, you aren’t a small child anymore. You can differentiate what is wrong and what is right, can’t you? So, don’t limit yourself with this quote.

But, many people even adult are limiting themselves with this quote. Whenever someone give them good suggestion they try to find out if that person is doing what he is saying or not? If not, then they ignore that person and even criticize him/her. This is not a good habit.

Let’s take some examples if your teacher motivate you to be an astronaut and to touch the moon, then is it right to ignore him saying he himself is not an astronaut? Is it right to ignore your parent’s requests to avoid the use of alcohol and cigarettes saying they themselves are using alcohol and cigarettes? No, it isn’t.

So, avoid this kind of habit. If all people in this world had just ignored their senior’s suggestion and had done exactly what their seniors had done then there will have not been any improvement in this world.

Remember, people give you good suggestions thinking that you will avoid the mistake that they had done and they want you to be better person. Great people are able break the records continuously because they accept the suggestions of their seniors and try to avoid the mistake which their predecessor had done.

It is not necessary that if a father is alcoholic then son also should be alcoholic. But instead that son should learn from his father’s mistake and try to avoid alcohol throughout his life. Moreover that son can even try to create awareness against alcohol. If you hold this type of attitude then you will certainly progress in life.

So, if anyone gives you good suggestion, then accept it and try to apply it and even ask for more suggestions. Don’t try to be like the person who is already born in this earth but try to be better than anyone who has ever born before.

Note: Remember, all suggestion and seniors are not good so, try to find what is good and what is not. Ignore the bad one and listen and apply good one.

photo credit: Merrill College of Journalism Press Releases via photopin cc