Can you fill the bottle, whose mouth is sealed with water? Probably, you can’t. Like that before reading this book, open your mind. Then only this book can fill your mind.

Before starting I want to say something. There is an old saying: “We learn better from experience than study.”
But I believe it is not completely true. Both experience and studying have equal value. Whereas if you can properly follow what you have studied then, studying is far better than experience.
So what should be said is: “Improving yourself through experience or studying is far better than just experiencing or studying and doing nothing.”
But one bitter fact is that experience creates pressure on us to improve whereas studying only make us aware.
Here’s an example, a well educated person knows exercising is beneficial and being overweight is harmful. But also he ignores to do exercise and moreover eats a lot of unhealthy food. Later in life he may experience diabetes and heart diseases. At that time it will be too much late and he will have to face “do or die” condition. Hence he will have to exercise and eat healthy diet willingly or unwillingly.
Another example is, many teenagers don’t hesitate or feel sorry about spending on unnecessary things, even though their parents tell them or even though they read in book that it is very difficult to earn money and money should be saved.
But they ignore all these facts. Later, when they starts to earn money, they experience, how much difficult it is to earn money and says the same thing to their children which theirs parents had told them previously. At that time, they are even forced to limit their necessary or unnecessary expense otherwise they will not be able to fulfill their other more important responsibility.
I think, now you might have understood why the saying:” We learn better from experience than studying” got popular.
What I want to say is, it don’t matter how much you study or experience. The real thing which matters the most is, how much you learn from your experience or study and how much you apply into your life. But, in this 21st century you should give high priority to learn from studying because if you give high priority to learn from experience then, you will remain backward. Learning from study or mistake of other is more effective, efficient and beneficial than learning by again repeating that same mistake yourself which other had done. So, start to make self study a habit and try to learn from everything around you.
At last, remember that this book is not a magical book so it doesn’t make you better person over a night. And only studying this book also won’t make you better person. So, be patience and try to learn and apply whatever you study into your life.
Remember it isn’t a author who makes a book valuable (although author is also important) but it is you. If you seriously learn and apply whatever you study then any book can be valuable.
For Parents
Children are like a piece of glass, if you try to hold it firmly then it will only hurt you but if you let it go then it will break in pieces. So, what should you do is, hold it gently and with care.