Chapter: 30 Get Motivated

Do you think yourself as the most unlucky person in the world? Do you think that you lack talent or back support to progress in life? Do you think your life is surrounded with problem?

If your answer to these questions is ‘Yes’ then this chapter is for you. In this chapter I am going to share story about struggle of some great people.

Before that I will like to give you an example, there are millions of houses in this world which fears and are vulnerable to wind. But, some houses have modified themselves to utilize that wind i.e. windmill. In this way great people have modified themselves to utilize their lacks and problems to become better and greater. Instead of blaming their bad fortune, blaming other people and doing nothing, they struggled hard to defeat their problem, they remained hopeful with life, they ignored naysayers and they tried to be better and better. So, are you ready to modify yourself?


1. Abraham Lincoln:

Abraham lincoln

“Some achieve great success is proof to all that others can achieve it as well”

-Abraham Lincoln

As his family was poor he received formal education for only five years throughout his life. He used to lend book from his friend to study. Later, when he grew up and joined politics, he had 12 major failures before he was elected as the 16th president of the United States of America.


2. Albert Einstein:

We all know Albert Einstein, he was a theoretical physicist widely regarded as the most important scientist of 20th century and was awarded Nobel Prize for his work.

However, when he was young his parents thought he was mentally retarded. He didn’t speak till he was four and didn’t read till he was seven. His grades in school were so poor that a teacher asked him to quit, saying “Einstein you will never amount to anything.”


3. Colonel Stander:

It is never late to progress and get better. Colonel Stander is one of its examples. At age 64 he was retired from his job and received a 105$ retirement cheque. At that age, he made decision to set out to sell his chicken recipe. He was turned down about 1000 times before he found a restaurant to use his recipe. He never gave up, and he always kept the mindset of winner, regardless of the opinions of others. The rest of the story is KFC history.


4. Isaac Newton:

Many thinks, that Newton was born with talent and great brain. But it isn’t true, when he was young he did very poor that his teacher became clueless in improving his grade.

But later, he became greatest English Mathematician of his generation. His works on optics and gravitation made him one of the greatest scientists.

“Success is 99% attitude and 1% aptitude.”

–       Gray Players


5. Jhamak Kumari Ghimire:

She was born in an average family in a village in Nepal and had suffered with cerebral palsy from birth. But she has done such a great thing which most of the fit and healthy people haven’t done. Without formal education and by writing with her leg, she has written a book, “Jiwan Kanda Ki Phul”. For this book, she was even awarded ‘Madan Puraskar’. She is also a columnist in the Kantipur Newspaper, a national newspaper of Nepal.


6. Nick Vujicic:

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is a Serbian Australian evangelist and motivational speaker born with Tetra Amelia Syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs.

As a child he struggled mentally and emotionally as well as physically but eventually came to terms with his disability and at the age of seventeen, started his own non-profit organization “Life Without Limbs”

Even though he lacks limbs he can do almost all daily tasks, can also swim, play golf and do fishing. He presents motivational speech worldwide and has addressed 3 million people in over 24 countries on 5 continents through his speeches.


7. J.K Rowling:

J.K Rowling is the writer of Harry Potter and is one of the richest women with net worth US$ 1 billion.

But during her early days, her life wasn’t like what is now. She was married which lasted for only 1 year, she was left poor, unemployed with one daughter. During that time she wrote Harry Potter. But that book was rejected by 12 publishers. At last one publisher agreed to publish it and within five years she turned into millionaire from poor.


8. Soichiro Honda:

At present Honda owns one of the world’s largest motorcycle companies. But during his early days he was turned down by Toyota Motor Corporation during a job interview as ‘engineer’. And he continued to be jobless until his neighbours started to buy his “home made scooters”. In this way, he started his own company.


9. Thomas Alva Edison:

Thomas Alva Edison developed many devices in his lifetime and he holds 1093 U.S patents to his name. But when he was a boy his teacher told him, he was too stupid to learn anything. He was also not well off and had to struggle a lot to stay alive. One interesting fact is that; he failed 1000s times before he created the successful commercial bulb. But he told, “I didn’t failed 1000s times but I learnt 1000s ways that can cause failure”.


10. Walter Disney:

Walter Disney is the founder of Walt Disney Company which makes average revenue of US$ 30 billion annually.

In the early days, his life wasn’t so successful. He was fired from newspaper due to lack of imagination. Later he started his own business from his home garage and his very first cartoon production went bankrupt. He was turned down 302 times in his career. But he continually struggled hard to make the company where it is now at present.


These are the short list of story of great people. But there are also 1000s of other great people who have struggled hard to achieve greatness.

Great people don’t run away from problem they face it. When they lose something they look for what they have gained. But we normal people only look at our lacks and problems

“When one door closes, another opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we donot see the one which has opened for us.”

-Alexander Graham Bell

Isn’t this quote truthful? So, stop watching and regretting over the thing which you lack and stop watching what have you lost, ignore your limitations. And look at the thing you already have, look at the opportunity you have gained and find the ways to utilize your opportunities and resources.

Remember everyone’s life contains almost equal amount of positive and negative quality. And some people remain hopeful and struggle hard to increase positive quality and hence reduce negative quality. Thus, they become able to achieve greatness. But, rest of the people remain too busy in blaming other and being hopeless, thus they attracts more negative quality i.e. sadness, grief, envy, dissatisfaction etc.

Always remember that,

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions”

-Albert Einstein

So, always remain hopeful and dream big to attract positive things.

If you think your past is not so good, then you are only trying to limit yourself. What you are at present is the result of your past activity. So, if you want to have good future then work hard from today.

“We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architecture of your future.”

-Robin Sharma

Don’t even limit yourself. Always dream big because the only limits in your life are those which you set yourself.

“What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

-Napolean Hill

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Chapter: 29 Spend Your Time With Good People

JIm rohn quote

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

-Jim Rohn

This is a quote made by Jim Rohn, motivational speaker and self help guru. It is true that our attitudes and consciousness are the major factors in order to make us good or bad person. But also our thoughts and attitude are influenced up to large extent by the people around us.

Your social environment can affect you a lot. For example, when you go to funeral ritual where everyone would be crying or being sad. In such environment you yourself will also be sad. But if people in your group start to laugh loudly, then you also start to laugh even without having any clear reason. From these examples you can see how people around you can influence your emotions and moods even by very short time of contact.

Let’s take another example, if your friend with whom you spend your most time with, are addicts to substances like cigarette, alcohol or drugs then you also hold a higher chance of getting addicted. After getting addicted even if you want to be addiction free but without reducing the contact with your such addicted friends, it will be very very hard to be addiction free. Because attitudes, saying and behaviours of your such friends will negatively influence your thoughts of being addiction free. And at last, you finally dump your thoughts of being addiction free from your mind.

In this way, if people in your group with whom you spend your most time are hopeless towards life, lazy, who think life sucks, who just spend time by wandering or doing useless tasks then you will also be like those people. That’s why generally rich people move with other rich people. They don’t want to be influenced by hopelessness and small dream of economically weak people. When they spend time with other rich people then they get motivated to do better progress by thoughts and ideas of their other rich fellow.

So, if you want progress in life and to do better then try to spend your most time with good people who are progressing.

For this follow these simple steps:

  1. Find out top 5 people with whom you spend your most time with? (It can be your family, friends or teacher.)
  2. Find out what kind of attitude they hold with life? Do their attitude, hope and behavior match with your ideal self which you want to become?


Now if the answer of 2nd question is no then cut out contact with that kind of friends. You don’t need to completely remove such friends but try to reduce contact with them as much as you can. It is true that leaving the old friend is very hard and not good also. So, if you can, then try to aware your friend about this chapter and convince him/her to move together with you. But, if he/she ignores then leave him/her.


“Because to grab better thing you should free up your hand by leaving good thing.”


Now to find people who meet your ideal self, go through these below mentioned steps:

  1. List out the ideal friends who are successful in the field which you are interested. If possible keep direct contact with such friends or people. But in the beginning it won’t be so easy to be friend with such people. In the beginning you may be treated little rudely or scolded due to your mistakes. Use such treatment or comment as a guide for learning, improving yourself and doing better. But if you don’t like such treatment or comment, then ignore such friend. There is always better ways to do everything. In this type of condition, books can be your very good friend, so read self help books, biography of other people, newspaper, magazine and guidance book. Remember books can also guide you as much as a good friend can guide you to improve.
  2. You can also list the great people like Albert Einstein, Barack Obama, Lionel Messi, Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare etc. You may think how can I keep contact with such great people? In this type of condition, you can read books about or by such great people, you can read journal and interviews about their experience, views, beliefs etc. from various sources. Their attitudes, ideas, beliefs and struggle story are shared in such books and medium, you can take maximum benefit from such sources. You can also imagine of being directly contacted with such great people, ask them and share them your thoughts and imagine what can be their reply for your thoughts and questions.


In this way, you can surround yourself with good and great people and do progress in life which can make you better person.

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Chapter: 28 Start Meditation

Buddha meditating

Even though meditation is linked to our culture and tradition, we hesitate to meditate. But, at present time even the Western society are trying to adopt meditating habit and it is getting popular all over the modern world. This is because of various benefits, which meditation provides. Recent study has shown that our brain is made up of plastic like substance which means the more we use our brain the more it grows. And meditation is one of the ways to increase the brain power. Another study shows us that, by doing at least 10-15 minutes of daily meditation for 8 weeks we can dramatically change the working and capacity of our brain.

Meditation helps to get control over our stress more efficiently. It brings a lasting peace and calmness. Many great people have also described the benefit of meditation. Meditation helps to see the world in different attitude and view.

Many of the benefits of meditation cannot be described it can only be experienced so start to meditate everyday from today.

In this chapter, I have described the way to do a common type of meditation for beginners like you. But if you want to learn more about it then read books about meditation or do Google search about meditation.

Some tips to meditate are:

1. Select a meditating spot:

It is not possible to meditate in the place where there is disturbance and clutter. So, at first select the place for meditation. It should be free from noise, disturbance and clutter. If there is too much sound outside and if you can’t control it, then download the meditating music or white sound. If you can, then find the meditating spot that is enriched with fresh air.


2. Find out effective position:

After finding the meditating spot, find out the position which favors you or which you like. You can do meditation by standing, walking, sitting in chair or sitting with crossed leg. But, the most important and basic thing which you should bear in mind is that you should straighten up your back and look ahead while meditating. Don’t try to lean on something to get back support otherwise you may fall asleep.


3. Begin to meditate:

After being in right position start to meditate. For this close your eyes gently and focus on your breathe. Feel, how you are taking air in and throwing out. In the beginning it is very hard to focus on breathing. So, to make it easier, try to count your each breath (complete inhalation and exhalation) for up to 10 inside your mind. For example, when you take air in and throw out, then count it as 1; again when you take air in and throw out, count it as 2; do like this until you reach 10. And after reaching 10 again begin from 1. But, if your mind gets diverted somewhere in the middle, then start to count from 1 and try to focus better than previous time and break your own record.


4. During meditation:

In the beginning days there is high chance of diverting of your mind. Various thoughts and ideas may pop into your mind. But also don’t force yourself to remove those thoughts, just focus on your breathing gently. And ignore about such thoughts, stay passive and regard them as unwelcomed guests. Remember the more you try to remove such thoughts the more it pops into your mind. So, just try to focus on your breathing gently.

During meditation you may also feel pains in back and discomfort, which are normal in the beginning days. With the passage of time and more practice your body will adopt the meditating position. But if certain position don’t make you feel easy like sitting in cross legged position can cause tingling in some people, then in such case you can switch to the position which suits for you but in all position your back should be straight.


5. In the end:

In the end of each meditation session, open your eyes gently. Don’t get active instantly. Stay in the same meditating position for few seconds (about 5 seconds) and after that try to move slowly and get in your normal speed.


These above mentioned steps are the basic things which you should follow while doing simple meditation. To make your meditation more better try to follow these things:

  1. It is true that to gain proper benefit of meditation you should at least meditate for 10 minutes each time daily. But if you are beginner or if you want to cultivate habit of meditation, then in the beginning you should try to meditate for short time, perhaps about 2-3 minutes or less than that. And slowly increase the meditating session with the passage of time until you reach desired meditating session. This helps to form meditating habit more easily.
  2. Stretching of body can be done before doing meditation, in order to be more relaxed during meditation.
  3. Don’t think about what other will say, don’t get too much stressed about your position and don’t try to be perfect in beginning days.
  4. Meditating with empty or full stomach is distracting. So, try to avoid such meditation.
  5. Meditating in the morning is generally more effective because in morning your body will be well rested. Morning environment is more fresh, quiet and peaceful than other time of day. And meditation in morning is a great way to start your day.


This chapter represents ways to do a simple meditation. If you can, then do Google search or read books about meditation to get more information about it.

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Chapter: 27 Cultivate New Habit

Habit Aristotle

Do you want to change your life by cultivating new habits or breaking old bad habit? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then this chapter is for you.

Good habits can helps to become better and do more progress in life. You can cultivate a habit in 21 days if you repeat the activity which you want to make as a habit continuously for 21 days without leaving a single day. This is because it takes 21 days to form a complete new neuropathway. Isn’t this fact wonderful? But to cultivate new habit you need patience, persistence, and great desire. And if you leave even a single day to repeat the activity during 21 day period then you should again begin from day 1st.

After reading above fact if you are ready to cultivate new habit then here are some tips which can help you:


1. Do proper research:

Before trying to cultivate the habit, do research about that habit. Find out what motivates you to cultivate that habit? Predict about the obstacles which may come in your way while trying to cultivate the habit and find the solution to solve those obstacles.


2. One at a time:

During the teenage years, it is very easy to overestimate yourself. So you may have already thought to try to cultivate 4-5 habits at a same time. But remember that, it is very easy to think than to do. When you try to cultivate 4-5 habits at a same time then there is a high chance of failure and lack of motivation.

So, just try to cultivate one habit at a time. But, if you think you can do more than that, then also try to cultivate only up to 3 habits at a time.


3. Slow change is better than no change:

While trying to cultivate any new habit don’t become so impatience. Try to make slow and steady progress. For example, if you want to cultivate habit of brushing teeth after dinner, then in the beginning days don’t aim to brush for exact 2 minutes, but just try to brush for 30 seconds or less than that. And after few days increase that time e.g. make it about 50 seconds and again after few days try to increase little more time. Do like this until you reach your desired time period.


4. Find out what triggers you:

Especially while trying to break a bad habit, find out what triggers you. For example, if you are a smoker and if you want to break habit of smoking then, for you things like cigarettes, smoking friends, smoking scenes in movies, boredom etc can be triggering factors. After finding the things which trigger you, try to remove such triggering things, like you can cut off relation from your smoking friends, you can deal with boredom by getting involved in hobby or entertaining activity and so on.

So, find out triggering factors and try to solve or cut out those triggering factors.


5. Replace bad habit with good one:

While trying to break bad habit if you don’t replace the bad habit with good one, then what will you do in the time you have saved by cutting off bad habit?

“Empty mind is devils workshop.”

Due to that same saved time, you may get involved in another more severe type of bad habit. So, what you should do is replace that bad habit with good one. For example, if you want to break habit of watching excessive T.V, then you should replace the habit of watching T.V by other good habit like reading book you like, listening music, spending time with family etc.

6. Be positive:

By what kind of thought you surround yourself with: negative or positive? If negative, then replace that negative thought with positive one. Negative thought gives you nothing but only brings negative results. People who surround themselves with positive thought hold more chance to be successful.

While saying with yourself also don’t say, “I want to or I am going to….” but say, “I have already….” If you say, “I want to or I am going to” then your sub-conscious mind react like you haven’t done that task and you are just wanting to do it. But, if you say, “I have already….” then your sub–conscious mind reacts like you have already done that tasks and reinforces more to make it happen in real life easily. For example, if you want to cultivate habit of waking up at 5:00 AM then repeat the sentence, “I have already woke up at 5:00 AM” in your mind as much as you can.


7. Be imperfect:

I have already mentioned that there is no perfect thing in real world, in previous chapter. So, don’t expect yourself to cultivate a habit without any failure or mistake. Otherwise you will end up being frustrated and hopeless.

So, even if you get failed many times don’t stop to try again and again. Keep on learning from each failure and improve yourself. Because, those who keeps on trying only wins.



*How to deal with relapse?

Generally, relapse is the process of going back to previous condition after some time of improvement. For example, relapse for an alcoholic is the point at which he takes his first sip of alcohol after being alcohol free for some time. Relapse for a smoker is the point at which he takes his first puff of smoke of cigarette after being free from smoking for some time. Many people when faces relapse get involved in bad activity more intensely and at last feels hopeless and loser.

So, whenever relapse occurs, get out of the situation or that environment as soon as possible. Because staying in that same environment or situation and getting involved in bad activity more intensely won’t solve your problem but only make it more severe. For example, after long time of being away from T.V, even if you watch T.V again, then also don’t continue to watch T.V and quickly get out of the room where T.V is kept and try to calm yourself down. Find out what has caused you to relapse? After finding the cause, find out the solution to avoid that same cause again. At last again try to be away from T.V.

In this way try to deal with relapse and remember:

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”


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Chapter: 26 Avoid Procrastination

Avoid procrastination

Procrastination is the habit of putting off tasks even that task is important.

Many of you have certainly procrastinated in some point of your life. You may have put off your studying tasks to the last day before exam. You may have put off your homework to the last minute. These are just few examples of procrastination. Procrastinating habit not only wastes your time but also makes you less productive, lazy, unsuccessful and causes feeling of regret.

So, without wasting anytime I would like to show you two major causes of procrastination, which are:

1. Lack of desire to do the task.

2. Fear of doing something.

1. Lack of desire to do the task:

To complete any task easily you need stronger desire to do that task. But if desire to do any task is less, then procrastination occurs. Have you ever noticed why you procrastinate to study, to do your work, exercise etc? But why don’t you procrastinate to play games, watch T.V., do chatting etc? This is because to do hard-work you lack desire but to get entertained and recreated you have great desire.

2. Fear of doing something:

Due to fear also many people procrastinate. For example, you are procrastinating to participate in speech contest because you think you don’t know how to prepare and present speech. But when you dig deep down to find the reason, the reason may be that you fear public speaking or fear of making mistake.

Well, every problem has its own solution, so procrastination also has its own solutions which are:

i. Avoid being perfectionist:

Perfection is the thing which we all want. But you should be clear that perfection shouldn’t be taken as thing to be achieved but it should act as a direction to be better and better. There is no perfect thing. Human beings are also imperfect, so we have such a large space to improve ourselves, which makes life exciting.

Perfection is the enemy of good.

But what mistake people do is, they regard perfection as a thing to be achieved and wants to achieve it. Being perfectionist is the major reason why daily routine of many students won’t work. For example, whenever a student makes his routine, he tries to manage all his activity in a best way possible. And next day, when he makes mistake, even small mistake he starts to feel regret and disappointed for not being able to follow the routine perfectly. After sometime he will says, “From tomorrow I will follow the routine perfectly.” Then he put off all of his remaining scheduled tasks and ends up watching T.V or doing something useless. And again when next day comes, then again he makes mistake somewhere and again he put off all his scheduled tasks for tomorrow. In this way, this type of cycle continues for few days and at the end, he throws that routine into dustbin.

If this above mentioned story resembles to your daily life then what you should do is ignore all the past mistakes and forgive yourself. At such condition, instead of wasting your precious time by putting off your remaining tasks, if you had tried to complete such remaining tasks then you could have done far better.

Like this, you might have put off various tasks because of fear of not being able to finish those tasks in a perfect way. For example, you might have put off to participate in quiz, speech, sports etc. because you think that you are not perfect enough to win or perfect time hasn’t come yet.

Always remember,

“Winning means being not afraid to lose”

-Frank Tarkenton

Don’t wait for being perfect, don’t wait for perfect time. Because there is no perfect thing nor there is perfect time.

“Don’t wait for iron to get hot but make it hot by striking.”

If you wait for perfect time or being perfect, then you will have to wait for whole life. Remember,

“It’s now or never.”

ii. How to deal when things don’t go your way?

Life is not a self made dream. So, things always don’t happen as our wish. Sometimes situation may get extremely irritating or out of our control. For example, sometimes you may oversleep, you may miss your bus, lose your keys, books and so on. In such condition, you become extremely angry, anxious and you may even feel like not doing anything. Such situation can be self degrading.

To move ahead from this type of situation you can go through below mentioned steps:

      1. At first, realize what has happened? If it is your mistake then admit it. If you think it isn’t your mistake then find out who has caused it? Realize situation could have been more worse. For example, instead of losing Rs 10, you could have lost your whole purse or something more expensive.
      2. Find out what kind of impact it has created? Find out the solution to reduce the impact? If you can’t find the solution then let it go. But realize one thing that being angry, irritated and inactive will only affect you and make situation more worse.“For every minute you get angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness”-Ralph Waldo Emerson
      3. Find out the reasons that have caused it? Find out how can you prevent such things in future? Try to just relax and find out what to do next. Don’t get frustrated.


iii. Think in a long term way:

When you watch T.V or get involved in useless task then you start to put off your important tasks like doing homework, studying etc to the last hour. This is because you regard homework as only small task. Research has proved that if you link any activity with long term reward or gain then you will try more to achieve that activity. So, instead of thinking homework as small task, if you regard it as more important task then you will get more desire to do it. So, think about your homework in this way: ”If I don’t do my homework then my teacher will punish me, my grade will go down, I will be regarded as negligence student, I may even be beaten publicly…..” And if possible try to link in this way also, “If I do my homework then I will be able to learn more and get better, I will be regarded as good student…….”


iv. Increase the desire:

Do you think you have a strong desire to do an activity which you want to do? If you have, then there is less chance of putting off that task. But if you lack the desire then you can go through below mentioned steps:

        1. Find out why you want to do that task.
        2. What kind of change will occur in your life by doing that task?
        3. Remember, the situation or thing what motivate you to do that activity? For example, may be you want to study because your teacher had scolded you, your friends had teased you for your low grades etc… And try to remember how you had felt at that situation.

Repeat this process whenever you lack desire to do any activity you want.



Other quick and short term methods which you can use to end procrastination are:

i. Focus on starting:

Many times people procrastinate because they focus on finishing the task. When one focuses on finishing the task, then the task appears to be more difficult than it actually is. For example, imagine your teacher has given you 10 pages homework. If you say I am going to do 10 pages homework then you will feel less motivated and more bored to do your homework. But if you say, I am only going to do 1 page homework, then it appears to be easier and less boring to do. And once you get started, keep on doing it as much as you can and don’t stop even after finishing 1 page.

In this way, if you just focus on starting rather than finishing then there will be less chance of procrastination.


ii. Give yourself reward:

If you work hard then you will ultimately get rewarded. But sometimes we have to wait little more time for getting reward. For example, imagine you are preparing for exam which is 3 months ahead. In the beginning you may feel motivated to study hard. But after few days your motivation will start to go down and you start to procrastinate. To avoid this kind of situation you can create a reward system. Give yourself reward whenever you finish certain tasks. Reward must be according to the difficulty level of tasks, that means harder the work, greater the reward should be. But don’t give yourself reward when you don’t accomplish the task.

By creating reward system your mind will start to relate “hard work=more reward”. With the passage of time when doing of the tasks becomes habit then you don’t need reward to do tasks.


iii. Do nothing:

How many times you have put off your homework tasks to watch T.V., to have fun or to get involved in short term pleasuring tasks? Perhaps, many times. Remember short term gain is long term pain. In such case do nothing, don’t watch T.V. neither do other pleasuring tasks, just sit down. And observe your breathing. If you can, then think of consequences of not doing your important tasks and rewards of doing your important tasks.

After sometime, you will automatically get motivated to do your tasks.

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Chapter: 25 Be Productive


Being productive refers to being able to get more done with comparatively less effort. Every human being in this earth is gifted with equal amount of time. But some people progress too much faster than other. This is all due to his/her productiveness.

So, here are two major things which you can do to become productive:

1. Prioritize the task:

Have you ever felt like you have wasted your time in those works which have less benefit? This usually happens when you don’t prioritize your work and do the task which comes first, in a random way.

For example, if your friend asks you to do his homework, which he himself can do and furthermore if you do that, just to make him happy then does this helps you to reach your personal goal? Probably not. Even though that task was urgent but wasn’t important. At last you start to think that instead of doing his homework, I could have done other important tasks of mine.

To be more clear about important and urgent tasks look at the time management matrix given below:

Urgent Not urgent
Important Q1

  1. Studying for tomorrow’s test.
  2. Visiting your best friend who is sick.
  3. Attending in the class regularly and listening carefully.

  1. Studying for exam.
  2. Working on your goal or purpose.
  3. Exercising regularly.
Not important Q3

  1. Doing friend’s homework.
  2. Attending tuition class but not listening carefully and not paying attention.
  3. Doing things which you don’t enjoy and which is not important to you. But doing it in order to fulfill other’s request.

  1. Watching  TV
  2. Unnecessary chatting.
  3. Randomly surfing over Internet.

In the given time management matrix your daily tasks can be divided into four quadrants in this way:

a. Q1 Task:

These types of tasks are both urgent and important. But, not too much important like Q2 tasks. This types of tasks helps to fulfill present needs.

b. Q2 Tasks:

These types of tasks are not so urgent but are very much important. For example, it is not so urgent to study for exam which is three months ahead but it is very much important because if you don’t study from now then you have to face various problem and stress later. Same goes for exercising, because if you don’t exercise now, then you will be unhealthy later.

c. Q3 Tasks:

These types of tasks are urgent but not effective to do. If you can then it is better to delegate this types of tasks to the person who can do it in better way. For example, imagine you are a businessman, so it will be very ineffective and less efficient to get involved in the tasks like washing clothes, cooking food, etc. So, it will be better to hire a person to do such types of tasks. By doing so, you will be able to save extra time to get involved in other productive tasks which you can do effectively. Perhaps you might have already started to delegate many of your tasks: like you don’t sew your dress, you don’t prepare your pencil, pen etc.

d. Q4 Tasks:

These types of tasks are neither important nor urgent. So, it is better to eliminate these types of tasks.

*Now how to prioritize:

For prioritizing create a To Do List. Make a list of tasks that you need to do tomorrow in notebook before sleeping. But don’t write the tasks that you do regularly like brushing teeth, making your bed etc, after you finish writing your To Do List, start to prioritize your tasks by using above mentioned time management matrix. While prioritizing, give your major priority to Q2 tasks because these types of tasks are not urgent, so they may get postponed. After Q2 tasks give second priority to Q1 tasks and delegate Q3 tasks as far as possible. And try to eliminate all the Q4 tasks as far as possible.

2. Practice 80/20 principle:

I think this term is completely new for you. But, effect of it is lying everywhere. It is also known as Pareto’s Principle. In 1906, Pareto, a Italian economist found that 20% of people owns 80% of wealth. At present also only 10% of people owns 85% of global assets. About 20% of staff in a office provides 80% of result. In forest also you can see 20% kind of tree occupies majority of forest. Just look around in your environment you will see this principle being applied in many things.

You also should be able to apply this principle in your daily tasks to be productive. For this, try to identify and focus on those 20% tasks which bring 80% of desired result. But this doesn’t means that you should ignore rest of 80% tasks but just give them less priority than those 20% tasks.

And next thing is, it won’t be always 80/20 but it can also be 70/30, 85/10, 60/40, 70/40, etc. here 80/20 is just a reference point.

You can apply this 80/20 principle on various conditions, in this way:

a. Study:

Instead of studying all the contents of book, give your major focus on studying important contents of book after discussing about such important contents with your teacher. Give your major focus on studying the matter which have already came in question paper of past exam. And observe the past trend of question setting. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore rest of the contents, try to study them also.

b. Business:

If you are a businessman then you can see majority of your products being consumed by few people. So, you should give major focus to such kind of customer who buys your majority of products. For example, in Indian TV channel, the majority advertisements are of IT products, luxurious vehicles and expensive products. Because manufacturers of such products know that majority of their products are sold in India than in Nepal. And they want to achieve more with less.

These are just two examples of applying  80/20  rule. There are various other sectors in which you can apply this 80/20  princple.


Beside those two major ways, there are other ways which you can use to increase your productivity. They are:

i. Allocate break strategically:

Many people believe that more they work continuously, then more better it will be. But it isn’t true. When one work continuously, then after sometime his productiveness starts to decrease. This is called ‘Law of Diminishing Return’, in this type of condition one’s outcome starts to decrease in spite of giving much effort. For example, when you start to study you may feel enthusiastic or productive in the beginning but after prolong period of study you will feel bored and becomes less productive. This is because of ‘Law of Diminishing Return’.

To avoid this kind of condition you should take short recreating break. To find when to take break try to answer these question:

  1. Are you feeling bore?
  2. Do you feel your output is getting less than input?
  3. Do you feel you can’t take anymore?

If your answer is “Yes” to these questions then you should take break. But during break don’t watch T.V or use internet because these type tasks can increase the time of your break. So, during break just do little stretch, walk, get motivated or do small tasks like making bed, sweeping flour etc. But if you are doing physical work then get some rest. And again return to your work.

ii. Stay healthy:

Can you imagine of being productive in spite of being unhealthy? Probably not, it will be very hard to be productive in such condition. So, to be productive you should try to reach your optimum health condition. Drink about 4 litre of water, eat healthy diet, get proper exercise and never forget to sleep between 7-8 hour (but amount of sleeping time required is different for different person).

Remember “Health is Wealth”.

iii. Increase your skill and efficiency:

Increasing of skill and efficiency helps to save time and get things done in better way. For example, when you were in nursery your handwriting used to be very bad and slow. But with time due to practice and learning of various skills, now your handwriting is faster and better than previous handwriting.

So, improve your skill and learn better way to do your work.

iv. Use your productive period:

What is your productive period (the time in which you are most productive)? You can be an early bird, night owl or one who prefer daytime to work. So, find out your productive period and try to use that period properly.

v. Set deadline:

You should set deadline to complete each tasks. Otherwise, that same task will takes more time to complete than it really requires. For example, if you set deadline of one week to complete a work then you will complete it fully or almost complete that task within the same one week period. But if you don’t set deadline then you will take more time to complete perhaps 2 weeks or 3 weeks.

So, for each tasks try to set deadline as it helps to increase your speed and action.

vi. Avoid multitasking and distractions:

Multitasking and distractions can reduce effectiveness and efficiency. Doing multitask especially while doing mental work can cause more errors and may cause loss of more time to correct such errors. So, while doing mental work try to focus on single task to get better result.

Distractions such as noise from crowd of people, vehicles, television and speaking of people can reduce the efficiency while doing mental work. To avoid such distractions move away to silent place or use white sound which you can download from internet. Furthermore, try to remove things like TV, cell phones, internet etc away from your work place or while you are working as far as possible.

vii. Organize your environment and tasks:

It is better to organize and de-clutter your room and the things which you need, than to waste your time daily searching things you need. A well organized and clean room not only helps you to get everything easily but also helps to remain fresh and feel good.

By organizing tasks you can do many things within the same time without reducing effectiveness. For example, while going to market to buy book, you can also buy copy, pen or other things which you may need within few days. Also try to create to do list as it helps to reduce your time being wasted for unnecessary things and prevent gap between two tasks.

viii. Get motivated:

There is great difference between the work being done with and without motivation. When you become motivated then you will do any task in more better and efficient way. So, while doing each task try to get motivated. For this find out why you want to do that task, think your task as a way to get stronger and better and you can also do few stretch or hopping.

ix. Learn from others:

It is not sufficient to trying to learn everything from your own mistakes. You should also try to learn from mistakes of others. For this, ask for suggestions and guidance to the adult or seniors who have already done the task that you are doing now. Share the ideas with friends who are working on the same task. Furthermore, you can use internet, various books and guides to learn more.

Learning from other’s mistakes and guidance is the best and shortest way to learn and progress.

x. Wake up early:

Early bird catches the worms.

Waking up early can give you tremendous benefit and opportunity to be better. It is easier to concentrate and become effective in the morning. Waking up early also gives you more time to work.

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Chapter: 24 Set Your Goal


Do you have a goal in your life? And, have you ever set your goal properly to achieve it?

Well here is a saying:

To achieve your goal physically you need to first achieve it mentally. To achieve it mentally you need to set your goal properly.

Although, it is not necessary to set goal for the short term goal of one week or one month. But for longterm goal of 3 month , 6 month, 1 year and so on, you need to set your goal.

You may say, “Why should I set my goal?” Well, here are two major importance of setting goal which will make you aware about setting goal.


i. Helps to create single focus:

A goal helps to invest all your energy and effort in a specific area in more organized way. And focusing on single task helps to bring achievement easily and helps to gain depth skill in a specific area.

“In life as in football you won’t go far unless you know where the goal posts are”             -Arnold H Glasgow


ii. Helps to accomplish the thing which seems impossible:

Many great athletes and successful person are able to achieve successes and break records by setting goals. Many successful organization and companies spends large amount of time and money to set goals. That’s why they are able to break previous record and get more successful.

To set goals you should follow these criteria i.e. SMART


1. Specific(S):

Your goal should be specific. Your goal shouldn’t be like getting good marks, earning more money, doing better etc. But it should be something like achieving 80% in exam, earning Rs 5000 per month and so on.

For example if your goal is to achieve 80% in exam then try to be specific in marks to be achieved in each subject.

Furthermore you should be specific in your daily activity like studying XX hours daily, Studying XX subjects for XX hours, doing revision and so on.

You should also be specific in types of skill and habit needed to achieve your goal. To be specific you can use these following questions:

  1. How many hours do you need to invest daily in order to achieve your desire goal?
  2. Which area needs your major focus?
  3. What kind of habits and skills are needed to achieve the goal?

The more specific you will become the more better it will be. Thus, be more specific as far as you can.


2. Measurable(M):

Is your goal measurable? Can you track whether you are moving towards your goal or not? By making measurable goal it will be easier for you to see if you are progressing as planned or not.

By being specific it won’t be very hard to measure the progress of your goal. For example, to achieve your goal if you have set certain tasks to do daily or weekly, then you can track whether you have completed it or not.

To track your tasks more efficiently all you need to do is journalize your daily activities related to goal. For this, create a to do list of tasks for next day, upcoming week or upcoming month. And at the end of each week or month, try to compare how much you have accomplished or not. If you get failed to achieve tasks of to do list then brainstorm why you failed to achieve that tasks and try to prevent such mistakes in upcoming days.

In this way, if your goal is measurable then you can track your progress and improve yourself.


3. (A)Action oriented:

A goal should be action oriented. Only setting goal is not enough you should work according to plan in order to achieve your goal. You should be able to accomplish the tasks of to do lists in order to achieve your goal.


4. (R)Realistic:

Your goal should be realistic to achieve. For example, if you had got 40% in previous exam. Then, it is unrealistic to achieve 80% in next exam which is just three months ahead. People say “Nothing is impossible.” Yes, it is true. But if you set too much difficult goal which may cause you to doubt in yourself to achieve it, then you won’t feel motivated and action oriented to achieve your goal. So, your goal should be realistic but it also should be challenging enough to make you get out of your comfort zone. Study also suggests, that specific and ambitious goal leads to higher performance than easy or general goal. Challenging goal gives you opportunity to grow and learn something new.

Next thing is don’t overestimate yourself. Many people while trying to set their goal, sets unrealistic action steps. They ignore to set time for other activities like rest, recreation, social life and relation. Then within few days of practice of such unrealistic action steps, they get frustrated and hopeless. So, what should you do is try to balance things like rest, recreation etc and set realistic action steps. For example, if you don’t have a habit of studying, then in the beginning make a target to study only for 30 minutes or less than 30 minutes. After few days of practice, try to add next 30 minutes or less than 30 minutes to it, in order to increase your study session. Continue doing like this until you meet your desired study session. In this way, try to gradually intensify your action steps.

So, set realistic but challenging goal.


5. (T)Time bound:

“A goal is a dream with deadline.”

-Napolean Hill

There should be time limitation in your goal. If you don’t set deadline while trying to achieve goal then you will be unable to achieve your goal, according to your efficiency and capacity. Because there will be no urgency to complete it. For example, if you set time bound of 2 hours to complete your homework of 10 pages and even if you don’t complete your homework in that time but you will be able to utilize each seconds of that 2 hours properly and efficiently.

Next thing you have to do is try to break down your goal in small and manageable goal of one week or one month or both. Set certain small targets for each small goal and give your major focus to achieve such small goals. But don’t forget about your big goal and don’t forget to set time bound also for big goal. After achieving the target of each small goal give yourself a treat. This will not only help you to get motivated but also makes your goal achievable.


These above mentioned things are the five major things that you should fulfill while setting and achieving your goal.

There are also other important things which you should bear in mind and they are given below:


i. Think positively:

If you want to achieve something then always think positively. Because the more you think negatively the more negative result will occur. Even while saying don’t say, “I won’t be fail.” but say “I will be passed.”

Remember everything around us is made up of energy. So, to attract positive thing in your life, start by giving off positive energy and positive thoughts.


ii. Revise and improve your goal:

While walking in a journey it is necessary to look below in your path to avoid tripping, but it is also necessary to frequently look ahead of path and periodically over the map to make sure whether you are moving in right direction or not. In this way, to make sure whether you are progressing towards your goal or not you should review your action steps, smaller goals and plans.

Generally, try to review your goal after each month. While reviewing, try to find out whether you are progressing as planned or not. If not, then find out what is holding you back. After finding that problem, try to improve or solve it. Try to find out which action step is helping you and which is not. If an action step is not helping you to achieve your goal, then don’t get afraid to remove it. Whereas, if an action step is helping you more, then try to give more focus to it.

Sometimes you may achieve your target earlier than your expectation. For example, imagine that you have aimed to run 3 km in 5 minutes within 3 weeks. But you achieved it within 2 weeks, then in such case reward yourself for your achievement and again try to achieve more advance target like to run 5 km in 6 minutes within 3 weeks.

In this way, review and improve your goal to make it more effective and better.


iii. Motivate yourself:

Although, this topic may sound less important to you but it is also equally important as other. Because only motivation can keep you going, make you able to face obstacle and do hard work.

Below I have mentioned some way to get motivated:

  1. Write down your goal in a first page of the note book in which you journalize your daily activities and create to do list. After writing your goal, write down why you want to achieve it and what kind of change will occur in your life after the achievement of that goal. Don’t forget to write, what kind of effort will you need to spend in order to achieve your goal and how hard are you going to work? After writing try to review whatever you have written in that note-book as much as you can, on daily basis.
  2. If you share the progression of your goal with positive people and if they give you positive comment and encouragement then you will be so much motivated. So try to share about your goal to positive people.
  3. You can also use your environment to help you get motivated and reminded to achieve your goal. To do so, write down your goal on a piece of paper and paste it on the place of your house where you and other people can see it frequently. Sharing of your goal to the person who cares you or to the positive people, will help you to be accountable, responsible and motivated to achieve your goal. Because by doing so you start to get unseen pressure like, “If I don’t achieve my goal, what will other people say about it, what will happen to my respect…..?”
  4. At least once a day, especially in the morning, imagine about your goal. For example, if you have made goal to be doctor then imagine you have already become doctor, you are already treating patients, imagine how you struggled and worked hard to become doctor, imagine how everything changed in your life after achieving that goal. Like this, try to imagine the condition of your life after being doctor or anything else which you have set to achieve. Remember the more clearly you imagine the more motivation and inner desire you will get to achieve your goal.

Using these tips start to set your goal right now.

Remember, “It is better to learn and apply 1 thing, than learning 100 different things and doing nothing.”




Chapter: 23 Be Successful

Happy person

Everybody in this earth wants to be successful in their life. There is no boundary and limitation for being successful. Some people regard themselves as successful even when they achieve small thing but some people don’t regard, even when they achieve big thing.

Whenever, success is discussed even already successful people pay attention as success is a never ending thing. When one gets success in one thing s/he wants to get success in another thing.

In this earth only handful of people are successful who lives every moment as a gift and utilize each seconds efficiently. But many are not successful they just live like they are forced to live and they work like they are forced to work.

Well here are some tips which can help you to be successful:

1. Have a purpose:

What do you want to do in life? I think many of you may say, I want to be doctor, engineer, nurse, CEO, lawyer etc. Well these are not purpose but these are just goal which can be achieved after certain interval of time. Then what will you do with the rest of your life.

Well, generally a normal person after achieving his that kind of goal starts to earn money. Just imagine you are that person. Everyday you work so, that you can earn more money and you start to relate “more work=more money”. Then you will try to fulfill your material needs. Someday you may become millionaire but someday you will also certainly die. When you die, you won’t take anything. No, matter how much money you earned, how much strong relation you had and how much respected you were, all will be worthless when you die.

Generally, a normal person will say if I work hard today then I will be happy tomorrow. But great people enjoys and live the present moment, enjoy his work and don’t put off for tomorrow.

All the great people had discovered their unique purpose in their life. They tried to live according to their purpose for the whole life. So, they became successful. But an average person is living imposed purpose which is to earn money.

Next big question is how to find true purpose. But first of all try to solve this question:

*. What do you love to do for your whole life, even if you are not paid back?

Before answering this questions try to see some characteristics of purpose:

  1. Purpose shouldn’t be limited on the basis of geography and time. Your purpose shouldn’t be achievable even after thousands of years. Your purpose should work as a direction.
  2.  Each time you pursue your purpose you will feel excited and satisfied.
  3. You will be self motivated to do things which comes under your purpose.

Next big problem is how can you pursue your purpose?

Well, there are various ways to pursue your purpose. For example if your purpose is to help people to be self dependent then it can be pursued through various ways. You can provide them financial support or employment by becoming rich. Or you can motivate them to realize their value, to be self dependent and so on. If your purpose is to bring advancement in medical science then it can be pursued by researching and experimenting, being expert, or working in related field. Thus, you can pursue your purpose through what you love to do or what you are talent at.

Many of you out there may feel sad because your present work may not represent your purpose. Don’t be sad for that, just try to shift your work. But don’t change your job instantly because it can bring financial and various problem. Just be slow and steady in the beginning.

2. Do what you love:


When someone asks you “What do you love to do?” Then you may say “I love to watch T.V.” But does watching T.V. give you long-term satisfaction. No, it is just giving you fake pleasure. You should do the thing that you love but that thing should be able to bring positive change in other’s life.

Your life will be better when you are able to make other’s life better.         

                   When you are able to make other’s life better then you can get true satisfaction and pleasure.

You may say what about money:

Well there is a quote:

Do what you love and money will follow you.”

-Marsha Sinetar

Bill Gates loves his work related to computer software, so he puts all his effort over his work and he has been able to bring positive change in people’s life. And people are paying for his contribution and work. So, if you become able to bring positive change in other’s life then you will be certainly paid.

    There is only one life you have to live so try to live it happily.

Life is a gift. Never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment you are living in.

So, do what you love not what other want you to do.

3. Conquer your fear and promote self belief:

What are you feared of? Many people fears of failure. So, they set small target in their life to prevent the risk of failure and to prevent disappointment.

You can’t predict what will happen next and there is always risk in life.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”

–       Walt Disney

If you fear to move ahead then how can you realize your true potentiality and how can you know what is ahead.

Next thing is self belief. Do you believe in yourself that you can become successful? If you can’t even imagine of being successful, then how can you make it happen in real life.

“One person with belief is equal to a force of 99 who have only interest.”

-John Stuart Mill

You should always believe in yourself and think positively that you can. Because only positive thoughts can attracts positive results in life.

Imagine you are going to participate in marathon. But if you get feared of failure and if you don’t believe in yourself that you can become first then you will never become first. But if you believe in yourself that you can become first and practice with the hope of being first, then only you can become first.

Remember, in life living without hope is worthless. If you don’t believe in yourself then how can you expect others to believe in you? There are naysayers and negative people all around you, and they may try to reduce your self belief and courage, who may try to hold you back. Just ignore such people. And realize failure is something that every successful people have to face in order to become successful.

So, don’t be afraid to fail and don’t be afraid to believe in yourself.

4. Determination and patience:

How hard do you want to be successful? You may say “I want real hard to be successful.” Let’s make it sure, try to hold your breath up to how much as you can. Just hold it until you can’t hold it further but at least for 20 seconds (but if you have health problem then don’t do it). Now tell me while you were holding your breath, what was your desire to do at that time? Was it to play video game, was it to watch T.V. or anything else? No, at that time your only desire was to breathe. So, if you want to be successful as much as you want to breathe then only you can be successful.

“The dream is not what you see in sleep, dream is which does not let you sleep”          -Abdul Kalam

It is not only enough to dream big and believe in yourself to become successful. By dreaming you will achieve what you want only in your mind but to make it happen in real world you have to work hard and make effort. Dreaming is not a big deal, everybody dreams whether it is small or big. But what separates extraordinary from ordinary is their capacity to deliver hard work and remain patience. Remember “No pain no gain”

Next thing is patience which many people lacks.

A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else.”

-George Saville

Only working few days with full of enthusiasm won’t make you successful.

The secret to success is to start from scratch and keep on scratching.”

-Dennis Green

So, you should work hard regularly. Success of famous athletes is not only due to their single day of practice but it is the result of their several years of hard work, dedication and devotion. Great achievements are the combination of small effort connected to each other by patience to form a big effort.

Many great people also regard patience as a key to success. If you loose patience you will lose everything else, self belief, hope and even fruit of your effort will disappear.

So, remember success is not easy. It requires strong dedication and patience. So do you have that quality? If not, then adopt it.

5. Utilize yourself fully:

Do you know how much you are capable of? Well a average human has got both physical and mental capacity. These two capacities are made available to us so that we could do more progress in life. But many don’t utilize and maintain this capacity fully so they fail to become successful. We can see some people using only mental capacity more and physical capacity less and vice versa.

For example a wage worker utilizes his physical capacity as much as he can but he fails to utilize his mental capacity. He don’t dream big, everyday he spends most of his money and start as fresh and new next day. Our brain normally uses 25% of our body’s energy and sometimes more if we are doing hard mental tasks. So, such person should at least try to take benefit from energy spent over brain. Whereas some people uses mental capacity at more amount but don’t utilize physical capacity properly. Due to this, they become unhealthy which limits their potentiality.

So, utilize each and every capacity of yours to stay healthy as “Health is wealth”.  The more you use it the more better and stronger it gets.

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photo credit: Kris Krug via photopin cc

Chapter: 22 Earn Money


*. What is money?

Money is a representation of value you gave to the people. So, to earn money you should be able to give something of value to the people or society.

When you are able to give something of value especially something creative or new thing then people will be willing to pay you for the value which you have delivered to them.

For example, imagine you are a student who usually earns a good grade and good grade represent that you have good amount of knowledge. The more study you do, the more knowledge you will gain and accumulate, thus this will enable you to deliver more value to other people. But if you had passed by cheating or getting low marks, then generally you won’t be able to deliver good amount of value related to academic sector to people.

After accumulating a lot of value and knowledge within yourself try to find a place to release or invest it. And try to deliver something of value to people and don’t forget to ask for money with people for the deliverance of something of value. While delivering your value give your major focus to deliver something of good value to the people than earning money.

Next thing you have to do is, you have to increase your capacity and try to deliver your value in bigger scale if you wants to be paid in bigger scale. Try to do better and better.

*. What is the purpose of money?

The main purpose of money is to be able to solve various problems and to be happy. The more money you will earn, the more it will enable you to solve various problems.

But in the name of earning money don’t forget about the things like health, relationship, social life and passion which are also equally important and should be balanced. Earning money without these can make you rich but in the end you will feel hollow, unsatisfied and alone.

The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d worth if you lost all your money.


So, be satisfied and happy with what you have. Appreciate and enjoy the things you have. And also work harder to fulfill what you don’t have. Be satisfied for what you have done instead of being unhappy for what you haven’t. Instead of thinking ‘If’ think ‘Next time’ and try to do more better next time.

Because, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there” –Will Rogers

Below are the some tips to which can help you earn money:

1. Start early:

Although, it is never late to do something positive. But most of the self made millionaire and rich people had started working from teenage year.

You should be clear that working not only means to work for money. Getting education, skill or knowledge can also be work which can increase your ability to give something of value.

“If you work hard than you’re paid, then soon you’ll be paid more than you work”       -Rim John

So, don’t ignore your study or learning process even if you don’t get paid, soon or later it will help you to earn money, if you are able to utilize it properly.

2. Get education:

Generally people having specific formal education are doctor, engineer, lawyer etc and these kinds of sector are the reliable sources of good income. People involved in these kinds of sector can easily live better life than average people.

But if you are bad in formal education, then also you don’t worry, all you need to do is improve the talent or skill which you already have or which you like to have. Generally, to earn money you need to have specific knowledge than formal education.

3. Begin from small:

Always try to do something from small scale.

Because it is better to test the water before you completely dive into that water.

By beginning from small amount of capital you don’t have to worry too much even if it gets unsuccessful. And with the passage of time you will gain more and more experience and you can make it bigger if it get success. Remember every tree you see around yourself were small in the beginning but with the passage of time they became bigger.

Remember that, “A journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tze

Before doing anything try to find the supply and demand. Try to find which commodity is needed most in market and find out, which place is more suitable to work.

4. Avoid loan:

“People who don’t understand interest pay them, who understand earn them.”– Albert Einstein

Isn’t this above mentioned quote practical?

So, you should avoid the loan especially for buying unproductive things and to fulfill unnecessary material needs.

It is also said that rich people earns money by using others money. But to do so, one should be experienced in his/her business and s/he should know the trend of market.

Remember loan can make rich (lender) people richer but poor (borrower) people poorer.

5. Work hard:

“Harder I work luckier I get”-Gray Player

Rich people work hard to get lucky. But poor people wait for luck.

While unemployed people get busy in watching T.V, gambling etc, employed people get busy in their work and enjoy while doing work.

Rich people look and try to find opportunity. But poor people wait for opportunity to knock their door.

So, don’t get involved in unproductive task instead use that time to earn money or to increase your skill or knowledge. Time is money. Don’t waste it on those things that don’t matter in the future.

6. Save and invest:

Piggy bank

How many hours do you work? Generally a normal person works for 8 hours and get paid for only that 8 hours. But rich people generally don’t work for that much time but also they remain rich and earn more money. This is because they send their money to work for them by investing on productive things. And that money works for them for all day and night.

So, at first, work hard to earn money and save as much as you can by spending less on unproductive and unnecessary things. Don’t only save and accumulate the money in your home but invest it on something productive. Because due to economic inflation purchasing power of money is decreasing day by day.

Sooner you start to save and invest, the more better it will be.

7. Dream big and stay positive:

Dreaming has a big power than you can even imagine. The more you dream the more motivation and ideas you will get.

Rich people become richer and richer because they set big vision for them. But poor people set small vision for themselves to prevent disappointment and failure.

Rich people try to look at opportunity but poor people try to look at risks and consequences. Rich mind sees beautiful rose flower amongst the thorns but the poor mind sees dangerous rose thorns amongst flowers. So, if you want to earn more money try to seek opportunity and become optimistic.

Next thing is to be positive. According to law of attraction only positive thoughts attracts positive results.

So, don’t waste your mental energy on things like revenge, sadness, despair, jealousy, grief and greed. And free up the mental space and energy to utilize on the things like learning, being satisfied, planning, being hopeful and staying positive.

8. Try to learn everyday:

Learning may sound boring to you. But if you don’t try to learn regularly then you will never progress. Learning can help you to be efficient, effective and can help you move with time.

So, don’t blame on others for your failure. Try to find your fault, learn from it and try to prevent the same mistake next time. If you can, then self study is the best and effective method to learn because to learn from self study you don’t have to make mistakes and face the consequences of those mistakes.

9. Ignore the society and negative people:

Don’t listen to what people say; just do what is good for you.

For example if you marry by taking loan, society may give you compliments for the party, but do they help you to pay your loan? Certainly, not. After few days society will even forgets about what they ate and experienced in that party but can you forget about that loan. Same conditions apply for other things. Don’t work to make other people happy, first of all make yourself happy.

Don’t worry about what people will say even when you get involved in so-called small work. Just remember, everything happens for the first time. It may feel little weird in the beginning but overtime you will get its habit and it will feel normal.

                              People say that you can’t because they themselves are unable to do it. People criticizes you because generally people who can’t progress becomes jealous towards other’s progress, hard work and potentiality. If someone says you that no-one has done this before then be the first one to do it.

10. Beware of shortcuts:

If you want to earn legal or white money then there are no shortcuts. Money can only come to you through hard-work and progressive attitude.

People may say that they will make you rich in no time but it is their own way to make themselves rich by tricking you. In this world there are various businesses which may say that you don’t have to work hard to earn money after investing money on them.

Over internet there are various sites which say that they will unveil you secret to become rich, provide you job or give you visas. And such sites may ask you money for that.

In market there are various products, and its seller may say that their product will provide quick or cheap recovery. Even if such product are able to give you quick recovery but they can bring long lasting effects later or sooner.

In this kind of cases you yourself have to be aware. To attracts your attention sellers may use following tactics:

  1. They may say limited offer or limited time.
  2. They may provide you unexpected or heavy discounts.
  3. They may make you feel like special person or treat you like you are their own closest relative or friend. They may even give you compliment.

So, beware of shortcuts, if someone had really known the secrets or way to get rich why would they like to share with you but instead they would have used it for themselves to become one of the world’s richest men.

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Chapter: 21 Stay Healthy

 “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”           -Jim Rohn

Are you taking care of your body? If not then you should start to take care of it. If your body becomes healthy then all the aspects of your life will become healthy. That’s why people say, “Health is Wealth.” Even though how much wealth you have all will be worthless if you are unhealthy and you will not even get the chance to enjoy your life properly.

Think about how will you feel when you get infected from common cold or fever? Will it feel good? Probably not. If even by suffering from such kind of simple diseases can make you feel bored and stressed, then imagine how it will feel by suffering from dangerous diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart attack etc. Or ask the person who has suffered from such dangerous diseases about his/her feeling.

Many people say that if one has wealth then he/she can ultimately become healthy. It is also true up to some extent, with the help of wealth one can cure wide range of diseases. But what is the worth of pain, misery and loss of time faced while being unhealthy. So, there is no doubt that health is wealth. By being healthy you can save money and even earn more money. Think, how much it will cost to cure diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, kidney failure etc. Certainly it will cost hundreds of thousands of money and don’t forget to add pain and misery also. And remember that, this is very short list of diseases, there are more than hundreds types of different diseases which can attack us if we don’t try to be healthy.

Good health not only helps to protect us from various diseases but also helps to live longer, save money, work efficiently, be happy and be stronger (physically and mentally).

And it is also not so hard to be healthy, if you add these following simple activities which are mentioned below in your daily life, then you can be healthy:

1. Drink water:


Do you know that more than 60% of our body is made up of water? If you don’t know, then get to know it. Water is used for various activities in our body like digestion, absorption of nutrients, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients and maintenance of body. That’s why an average man can’t survive more than 7 days without water.

Water not only helps in survival but also helps to remove toxins and by-products from our body, helps to keep skin fresh and moisturized, prevents various skin disorders. Water helps to prevent dehydration, helps to fight against flu and other ailments like kidney stone and even reduce risk of bladder and colon cancer. Water helps in brain development that’s why it is also regarded as brain food.

So, drink at least 3-4 litres of water daily for the best results. But remember water which you drink should be clean and healthy. If needed, then you can also increase the amount of intake of water beyond 4 litres. But remember too much consumption of water is also not good because in such condition your body may lose useful nutrients through urine.

2. Sleep well:

In past people used to think that those who sleep less can progress a lot and do better. But time has changed a lot and many scientific researches have shown various benefits and facts about sleeping well.

Some of the facts and benefits are:

  1. While sleeping, our body maintains and repairs tissues and cells at high rate. Adequate sleep can also reduce the risk of tumor.
  2. Lack of proper sleep can increase the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, depression and various body and hormonal disorder.
  3. Adequate sleep helps in memory retention, improvement of memory and concentration.

So, try to sleep for about 7-8 hours daily. If you think you need a nap during a day then have it but make it less than of 30 minutes. Remember except for babies and small children, sleeping more is also as much dangerous as sleeping less. For best results sleep and wake up at regular time daily even in holiday. You should know that quality of sleep matters the most than quantity. So, to improve the quality of sleep avoid the use of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. As far as you can, try to avoid use of caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee etc.

3. Eat healthy and control your weight:

Few decades ago people used to believe that eating more is good for health and they used to take fatness as a symbol of wealth, happiness and good health. But many researches have proved that those facts are not true. Both, being overweight and eating unbalanced diet can make you unhealthy and vulnerable to various diseases like diabetes, heart problems and many more. Being overweight and eating unhealthy foods not only make you unhealthy, but also make you less efficient and look awful.

So, start to work on it before it becomes too late. Eat less processed foods and less sugary foods. Avoid emotional eating (habit of eating due to various emotions or to avoid stress) and avoid eating more than necessary. Add green vegetables, colourful fruits and home made food in your diet as much as you can.

If you really want to loose weight then you should be slow and steady. Don’t run after attractive and unbelievable advertisement but take the suggestion of expert and health specialists. Don’t try to achieve the size of underweight models, shown in T.V because being underweight is also not healthy and can bring various health problems. Remember the main aim of controlling the weight is to be healthy and active. And some people can be healthy and active even if they look overweight. So, don’t get frustrated even if you don’t lose weight. And don’t stop exercising. Don’t eat as much as you can but eat as much as you need.

4. Exercise daily:

Girl jogging

Development of technology and machines have not only made our life comfortable but also have made our life vulnerable and risky to various diseases and disorders. Our ancestors used to live by hunting, running and facing various physical obstacles daily that’s why they were healthy and used to live longer. But we being children of that same ancestors are depending on machines to make our life comfortable and efficient that’s why we are becoming more and more weaker and unhealthy.

Although it is not possible to live like our ancestors in this 21st century but exercising can solve the problem. And benefits of exercising worth more than the effort needed to exercise. So, start doing 20-30 minutes of exercise daily. If you can’t manage that much time then at least do 10 minutes of exercise daily but it should be more intense. Remember in the context of exercise, little is better than nothing.

Daily work and normal activity don’t generally falls in exercise. And gym and money is also not needed for exercising. Activity like briskly walking, jogging, doing yoga or stretches can do the work of exercise. Activities which increase your heart beat and which make you unable to sing a song while doing it can be regarded as exercise. While doing exercise try to take deep breath rather than short and fast breathe in order to prevent lack of oxygen in blood.

5. Meditate daily:

Do you have a habit of doing meditation? If not then you should start to meditate. There are so many reasons to meditate and some of them are:

  1. Meditation helps to increase immunity by increasing the activity of disease fighting genes and can even helps to reduce the risks of cancer.
  2. Meditation helps to reduce the risk of depression, reduces stress and unhealthy emotions and brings calmness.
  3. Meditation can helps to improve memory by increasing the growth of cell in the hippocampus of brain.

These are just short lists of benefits of meditation. Start meditation from today to grab all the benefits of meditation.

6. Avoid cigarette, alcohol and drugs:

Today’s world is amazing people are doing things which they shouldn’t do and negative things are getting more and more popular. Do you think using substances like cigarette, alcohol and drugs is profitable? Certainly, not. Although there is very tiny benefit of using these substances but losses and disadvantages are very huge. Ultimately, there will be no chance of profit if loss is very huge than profit.

So, avoid using such substances and don’t even try for one time. Also try to avoid passive smoking because it is also as much harmful as direct smoking. And even if you are addicted to these substances try to get rid of addiction of such substances as soon as possible. By getting rid of addiction you can add 5-10 years in your life span, your risks of various disease can be reduced dramatically, your medical expense and expenditure will be saved, you will become better person and you will be able to live better and normal life.

7. Manage stress:

Do you have good hygiene? If not, then have it. Good hygiene not only makes you healthy by preventing communicable diseases but also makes you look more smarter.

And to have good hygiene is not very hard, just little effort can give you good hygiene. Some of the tips to have good hygiene are:

  1. Stay clean and wear clean clothes as far as possible.
  2. Brush your teeth twice in a day for about two minutes each time. If you don’t brush your teeth then toxins and germs from teeth not only harms your gums but also can impure your blood and can even affect other organs. Don’t use sand or coal to clean the teeth, but instead use tooth paste containing fluoride. Many people ignore to brush teeth after and before sleeping but it is more important to brush at that time because at night time our mouth doesn’t releases saliva, thus this increases the chance of tooth decay and plaque formation at night time.
  3. Trim your nails (of both leg and hand) short. But if you want to keep it long then keep it, but it should be clean.
  4. Wash your hand properly as far as you can with soap and water before eating and after going to toilet.
  5. Try to keep your surrounding and your material clean, neat and tidy.


8. Manage your stress:

Do you know our body is composed of both physical and mental aspect? So, it is not enough to be physically healthy only, being mentally healthy is also equally necessary.

For the better mental health one should know the way to manage stress.

Generally there are two method of managing stress i.e. healthy and unhealthy. Unhealthy method of stress management includes smoking, drinking alcohol too much, overeating or under eating, emotional eating, sleeping too much, procrastinating, using pills or drugs to relax and using excessive T.V or internet to forget about problem. Unhealthy methods are easy to apply and reduce stress temporarily but can cause huge damage later. Unhealthy method don’t helps to solve the problem but makes it more worse. That’s why don’t use unhealthy method.

Always use the healthy method to solve stress because it not only gives sense of satisfaction but also helps to solve problems. Some of the healthy method to manage stress are:

  1. Change your thinking style:
  2. Realize that working hard to lessen the problem is far more better than stressing over the problem.
  3. Learn to forgive other for their mistake (especially if their mistake is small) as far as you can. Always apologise for your mistake and think to do better in next time. Let go the negative feeling and emotions like hatred, envy, jealousy etc.
  4. Focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have. Focus on the things you can do or achieve instead of focusing on the things which is out of your control like death of family members, natural disaster, weather etc. Focus on what you have gained instead of focusing on what you have lost. Focus on positive things to attract more positive things and feelings in your life.
  5. If your environment is the major cause of stress then change your environment to fit according to your desire or need. But if you can’t change it, then try to change your attitude to fit with the environment.
  6. Learn to say ‘no’ to avoid too much or unnecessary responsibility. You should try to make yourself happy before making others happy.
  7. Try to enjoy everything you have, even your work. Set aside the particular time regularly for doing the activities you like most. For example, spending time with good friends, sharing feelings with closest person, listening to music, playing sports which you like, watching comedy etc.
  8. Meditation can also help to manage the stress, so try to do it. Or take deep breathes and try to relax. Imagine of being in the beautiful place you like.

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