Chapter: 28 Start Meditation

Buddha meditating

Even though meditation is linked to our culture and tradition, we hesitate to meditate. But, at present time even the Western society are trying to adopt meditating habit and it is getting popular all over the modern world. This is because of various benefits, which meditation provides. Recent study has shown that our brain is made up of plastic like substance which means the more we use our brain the more it grows. And meditation is one of the ways to increase the brain power. Another study shows us that, by doing at least 10-15 minutes of daily meditation for 8 weeks we can dramatically change the working and capacity of our brain.

Meditation helps to get control over our stress more efficiently. It brings a lasting peace and calmness. Many great people have also described the benefit of meditation. Meditation helps to see the world in different attitude and view.

Many of the benefits of meditation cannot be described it can only be experienced so start to meditate everyday from today.

In this chapter, I have described the way to do a common type of meditation for beginners like you. But if you want to learn more about it then read books about meditation or do Google search about meditation.

Some tips to meditate are:

1. Select a meditating spot:

It is not possible to meditate in the place where there is disturbance and clutter. So, at first select the place for meditation. It should be free from noise, disturbance and clutter. If there is too much sound outside and if you can’t control it, then download the meditating music or white sound. If you can, then find the meditating spot that is enriched with fresh air.


2. Find out effective position:

After finding the meditating spot, find out the position which favors you or which you like. You can do meditation by standing, walking, sitting in chair or sitting with crossed leg. But, the most important and basic thing which you should bear in mind is that you should straighten up your back and look ahead while meditating. Don’t try to lean on something to get back support otherwise you may fall asleep.


3. Begin to meditate:

After being in right position start to meditate. For this close your eyes gently and focus on your breathe. Feel, how you are taking air in and throwing out. In the beginning it is very hard to focus on breathing. So, to make it easier, try to count your each breath (complete inhalation and exhalation) for up to 10 inside your mind. For example, when you take air in and throw out, then count it as 1; again when you take air in and throw out, count it as 2; do like this until you reach 10. And after reaching 10 again begin from 1. But, if your mind gets diverted somewhere in the middle, then start to count from 1 and try to focus better than previous time and break your own record.


4. During meditation:

In the beginning days there is high chance of diverting of your mind. Various thoughts and ideas may pop into your mind. But also don’t force yourself to remove those thoughts, just focus on your breathing gently. And ignore about such thoughts, stay passive and regard them as unwelcomed guests. Remember the more you try to remove such thoughts the more it pops into your mind. So, just try to focus on your breathing gently.

During meditation you may also feel pains in back and discomfort, which are normal in the beginning days. With the passage of time and more practice your body will adopt the meditating position. But if certain position don’t make you feel easy like sitting in cross legged position can cause tingling in some people, then in such case you can switch to the position which suits for you but in all position your back should be straight.


5. In the end:

In the end of each meditation session, open your eyes gently. Don’t get active instantly. Stay in the same meditating position for few seconds (about 5 seconds) and after that try to move slowly and get in your normal speed.


These above mentioned steps are the basic things which you should follow while doing simple meditation. To make your meditation more better try to follow these things:

  1. It is true that to gain proper benefit of meditation you should at least meditate for 10 minutes each time daily. But if you are beginner or if you want to cultivate habit of meditation, then in the beginning you should try to meditate for short time, perhaps about 2-3 minutes or less than that. And slowly increase the meditating session with the passage of time until you reach desired meditating session. This helps to form meditating habit more easily.
  2. Stretching of body can be done before doing meditation, in order to be more relaxed during meditation.
  3. Don’t think about what other will say, don’t get too much stressed about your position and don’t try to be perfect in beginning days.
  4. Meditating with empty or full stomach is distracting. So, try to avoid such meditation.
  5. Meditating in the morning is generally more effective because in morning your body will be well rested. Morning environment is more fresh, quiet and peaceful than other time of day. And meditation in morning is a great way to start your day.


This chapter represents ways to do a simple meditation. If you can, then do Google search or read books about meditation to get more information about it.

photo credit: archer10 (Dennis) via photopin cc