Chapter: 12 Value of Time

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Time is progressive because it waits for none and it is valuable because life is short. If you live for about next 70 years then you have only about 25,550 days remaining to live. For a while, this figure looks a lot but in reality it isn’t. For example, when someone gives you Rs 1000, at first this amount of money may looks too much to you. But if you start to spend that money randomly and if that money reduces to Rs 100, then that same amount which you have got in the beginning, appears to be like small amount and you may even regret over your unnecessary expenditure.

Another example to prove it is: imagine your next exam is scheduled to 365 days ahead. At the beginning this number of days may look too much to you. So, you may spend it on useless tasks like unnecessary partying, wandering, watching T.V, movie etc. Every day you may just put off your studying task for next day or next week in order to give yourself time to enjoy. You may not even notice that your time is going down until you have just 20-30 days remaining before exam. Then at that time, you start feel too much pressured. You start to regret about your habit and past useless task. At last your exam may even get worse.

In this type of case you don’t have to worry too much because it is just a small amount of money and just an exam. And you can also say, “Next time I will do much better” because you can again get chances to earn money and face the exam again at various point of life. But, if same type of condition happens at the end of your life then can you say “Next time I will do better?” No you can’t. Instead you only have to bear self hatred, self criticism and regret.

Whereas if you had spent that Rs 1000 on important thing then that same amount would have worth more and could have even given you sense of satisfaction. And if you had properly utilized most of your time before exam for studying, then those 365 days would have worth more and you would have felt good about it. Similarly, if you utilize the time of your life on the things that matters or give you innermost satisfaction then, you can make your life valuable and you also don’t have to regret later in life.

Now I will like to give you example of some major things which can waste your time:

1.Television and knowledge less movies

You may like to watch T.V and movies too much. But watching too much of such things will only waste your time. Some of the facts of watching T.V and movies are:

i. Research shows that T.V slows down our mind and excessive watching of T.V can make one’s brain inactive. You may say, “We can get news and information from T.V and movies.” But it is better to read such news and information from newspapers, books or internet. Because reading makes your mind to imagine the scenes of things which you read and can even help in development of brain.

ii. Nowadays T.V programmes and movies are highly commercialized. They are also less effective in giving good moral and knowledge. Moreover they are accompanied by lots of advertisements which encourage you or increase your desire to buy the product shown in advertisement, even if you don’t really need it.

iii. Most movies and T.V programmes contains violence scenes, nude scenes, scenes of using drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. And too much exposure to this type of scenes can create the negative impacts on your brain and even encourages you to do so in real life.

iv. How many hour do you watch T.V in a day? For example, if you watch T.V for 1 hour in a day then in a week you will watch T.V for 7 hours. And at the end of the week do you feel like you have achieved anything by watching T.V? But if you had spent that 7 hours time in something important that matters, then you would have certainly got sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

v. Programmes and movies in T.V is just tricking you and holding you back. Do you know why you want to watch T.V? The major reason behind this is that programmes in T.V and movies give you short-term sense of achievement of thing that you want to happen in your life. As your mind feels and behave what you are seeing in T.V is really happening in your life and even releases chemical like adrenaline or dopamine depending on scenes, which gives you sense of satisfaction, excitement, fear or risk. For example, teenagers wants to be in love with opposite sex, due to this programmes or movies related to love story is popular among teenagers as it provides them short term sense of what they are desiring is really happening in their life. Whereas cartoons and imaginary programmes are popular among small children because they wants imaginary and supernatural things to happen in their life. So, instead of watching T.V to get short-term gratification, start to work hard to achieve the things which you really want in life and get true satisfaction and happiness.

I think now you have been too much clear about T.V programmes and movies. So, from today try to reduce the time which you waste in watching as much you can. The more you reduce watching T.V the more productive you can be.

2. Internet and Social Networking

This is the age of information and technology. At present, major source of information is internet. But instead of using internet for information many teenagers and youth uses it for doing useless tasks and chatting in social networking sites. If you are one of them then I want to say something.

Social networking sites have been very helpful for making this world a global village. They are helping us to chat and make a video call with our relatives and our friends who are living far from us. We can even make new friends through them and many more. But what is happening is that such social networking sites are being misused and are being used too much than necessary. Do you know that in developed country people are using internet to earn money, to gather information and to make their life better. But many people in our country are using it to spend their valuable time by doing useless or worthless tasks. Do you know, that too much use of social networking site can also make you addict to it. There is a saying “Too much cooks spoils the broth.”

So, use such social networking sites for good and productive thing and avoid its excessive use. Beware of cyber-bullying and remember that it is better to meet the person directly or talk with him/her through video or audio call than chatting with him/her by sending text message. Social networking sites are made to make our life easier not to damage it. And don’t forget to use internet for getting new information.

3. Smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs.

Smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs can also waste your time. I think after reading chapters related to them you might have learnt pretty much about them. Again what I want to say is don’t use such substances.

Remember “Every moment you get is a gift. So spend it on the things that matter. Don’t spend it by dwelling on unhappy things.”

Thus, realize the value of time from today and appreciate your each second and utilize it properly.

There is a saying, “To realize the value of ONE YEAR, ask a student who failed a grade.
-To realize the value of ONE MONTH, ask a mother who has given birth to pre-mature baby.
-To realize the value of ONE WEEK, ask the editor of weekly newspaper.
-To realize the value of ONE hour, ask the lover who are waiting to meet.
-To realize the value of ONE MINUTE, ask the person who missed the train.
-To realize the value of ONE MILLISECOND, ask the person who won a silver medal in the Olympics.”
Treasure every moment you have! And remember “Time and tide waits for none.”

DO you think you lack a time to do something? If so then first of all read this quote:
“Don’t say that you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Hellen Keller, Pasteur, Michanlangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein”
-Life’s Little Instruction Book compiled by H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Isn’t the above mentioned quote truthful? Have you ever realized that you are also given equal amount of time that was given to great people? Well, it’s up to you how you utilize your time and how much effectively you use it?

There is another saying: “You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring in the hour.”
-Jim Rohn

That’s why people in higher posts are paid more than the people in lower posts. Have you ever thought that why only handful number of people is remembered from among the billions of people who have died in this earth? And another amazing thing is that everyone who has born in this earth was given equal amount of hours, minutes and seconds in a day, since from thousands of years ago. This is all because of proper utilization of time. That’s why people like Moti Ram Bhatta, Parijat etc are remembered and respected even though they had lived for short time.

So, it don’t matter how much time you have got to live. The real thing which matters the most is how you spend the time you have got to live. So, start living fully on the thing that really matter.

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