Chapter: 4 Gambling


Gambling is the wagering of money or something of material value (stakes) on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning additional money and/or material goods. Generally gambling includes playing cards or anything which is mostly based on lucks (like khokhode, kauda, poker, etc).

Gambling is the common practice in our society even culturally and is the means to spend leisure time. Gambling looks simple and you may think that there is nothing wrong in gambling. This is because you see elders gambling, movie-star gambling in movie, friends gambling, etc. And when we see something too much we become unable to see its total impact and start to think it as a normal. Let me give you a example, if you see a small plant daily then you will not notice its growth. But if you see it after a long interval of time then you will notice its growth more easily. That’s why you are unable to see total impacts of gambling.

Gambling also releases dopamine. Excitement and happiness caused by winning helps to release dopamine. And relief from stress or pressure, felt after not losing also helps to release in dopamine.

Studies shows only 4% of participants who gamble have high chance of being addict gambler. It’s a good news, isn’t it? But, who knows your name can also be in that 4%.

Let’s see what happens if you become an addict gambler. At that point, most part of your brain will be occupied by gambling. You will get disinterested to other activity and even forget to sleep and eat when you gamble. You even become exited and encouraged by just chance of winning. So, you just gamble and gamble even after continuously loosing, with a hope to win and get back all your money you lost while gambling. And even after winning money, you want to play more. Again, at last you will lose all the money.

At some point you realize that what you are doing is not good thing, you think about your family and career. Then you will try to get rid of gambling. But also you will be unable to get rid of it. To be free from all your tension and problem you again indulge in gambling. Again at some point you realize about your problem and try to get rid of gambling habit but you will again fail. This cycle of realizing and again gambling continuously repeats. You will feel hopeless; you start to think that you need money to rebuild the life and career. And you will regard gambling as an only solution and way to get money. You even sell your property, steal and lie to other to manage money for gambling.

Now imagine if you were a real addict gambler, how your life would will have been. Just, think about pain and misery you and people around you have to face. Think how problem will squeeze not only you but also your whole family.

If you become a addict gambler, you will only indulge in gambling and lose all your hope to get rid of it. And this kind of addiction won’t stop easily unless you get proper help or determine to control it like a real man. But no one can guarantee if you can be free from it or not. And even if you become free, it is not possible to return to your previous state. At that time you will have lost your lot of money, time, and your career and you may even lost your only source of love and support in this world i.e. your family and friends.

There are many effect of gambling but can you give me only one good reason to gamble? Can you? Instead of gambling you can choose various good methods to get satisfied, happy and spend your leisure time.

So, don’t waste your valuable time and life in something worthless and harmful activity like gambling. There are thousands of good ways to enjoy and feel good.

Remember, good things always bring good rewards whereas bad things always bring bad rewards.

photo credit: conorwithonen via photopin cc