Chapter: 6 Smoking

Smoking Girl

At present many younger youth especially teenager are getting involved in smoking day by day. So there is chance you may also smoke in future or you may have already smoked. In this chapter I am going to make you aware about smoking. I don’t know, what you think about cigarette but it is a fact that cigarette is a poison which will lead you to the path of death when you use it.

Most of the people start smoking in their teenage year. It is due to various reasons which I am going to describe later in another chapter. Only very-very few people start smoking in their adult age. But you may see many adult smoking cigarettes. This might confuse you but truth is most of those adult had started smoking in their teenage year. As we know smoking is a one type of addictive behavior which is hard to leave.

Let’s see how smoking can make you addict, cigarette has many harmful chemicals, one of them is nicotine. When the smokes of cigarette enter your body, nicotine also enters and mixes in the bloodstream. Due to the influence of nicotine, brain releases more amount of dopamine. This increases your desire to repeat the smoking behaviour more and more and this can make you addict. So, adult who smokes generally starts smoking cigarette in their teenage year and becomes unable to get rid of smoking due to its addiction and to prevent withdrawal sickness.

Do you know that (about more than 50%) most of the adult smokers regret about why they started smoking in their teenage year. Even though they try to leave smoking habit, they fail to do so.

You should understand that smoking won’t make you look cool, talent, adult, powerful nor respectful person. But it is true that it will destroy your life and happiness. Smoking works like a slow poison which not only shortens your life but also gives you various problems as a gift.

Some of the major fact and consequences of smoking are:

1. On average if you smoke for one minute then it will reduce your life span by one minute. To smoke a cigarette, it takes 3-5 or more minutes and if you become chain smoker you may smoke about 40 cigarettes in a day. Now, you can imagine about the amount of time and money you will lose by smoking.
2. Smoking can discolour your nails, fingers and teeth. It can make your mouth, moustaches and cloth to stink. But you will be unable to notice this type of bad things and bad odour. Thus it will repel other people from you.
3. You start to appear old by your look as wrinkles and rough skins appears prematurely
4. Your teeth, eyes, gums, and lips get affected and can get infection.
5. If you smoke then you will bear 10-22 times more risk of cancer than non smoker.
6. Do you know four out of five causes of oral cancer and esophageal cancer is smoking?
7. Smoking increases the risk of kidney cancer, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, cervical cancer and leukemia.
8. A 2007 report states that about 4.9 million people in the world dies every year due to smoking.

These are just some consequences of smoking. There are many other consequences which are not mentioned here.

At last remember that once you start smoking it will be very hard to leave and it makes you an addict person. So it is better to prevent than to regret for whole life. So don’t smoke even for first time.

photo credit: *Zephyrance – don’t wake me up. via photopin cc