Chapter: 7 Drug Addiction

Drug Addict

This is a last type of addiction (but not least), mentioned in this book. Because on the basis of consequences it can be regarded as the most dangerous type of addiction. It not only destroys your life, relationships but also destroys your property and can even make you criminal by more chance than other addiction.

Some names of illegal drugs with their nick name are:
• Heroin (“H”, “Smack”)
• Cocaine (“Coke”, “Crack”)
• Methamphetamine
• Crack Cocaine
• LSD: Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (“trips”, “acid”, “microdots”)
• Ectasy (“E”, “XTC”, “eccy”)
• Opium
• Marijuana (“G”)
• Psilocybin Mushroom
• PCP: Phenocyelidine (“angel dust”)
These are just some name of the illegal drugs.

But nowadays use of legal drugs and medicinal drugs is also increasing. Many drug addicts and general people believe that legal and medicinal drugs are not harmful. But it is wrong belief.

Do you know that many drugs which are termed as illegal at present were used in past as prescription medicine. But people in past, used such drugs in wrong way and started to get addict. That’s why they were made illegal. So, prescription drugs (medicine) are also harmful if used in wrong way or used without prescription. Prescription drugs also holds equal risk of making you addict as illegal drugs and can also harm you. To make you easier to find whether your friends are using prescriptive drugs or not, some street names and nicknames of prescriptive drugs are:- Pilz, Xanax :(Z-bar, Brick, Benzos), Valium:(Blues), Sedatives and Tranquilizers:(Chill Pills, French Fries, Tranqs), Ritalin(Rid, Vitamin R, Jif, R-ball, Rittys, Rits), Aderall:(Beans, Black Beauties, Christmas Trees, Double Trouble), Vicodin, Oxycontin, Cotton, Percocet, Painkillers, Vike, Watson-387, Percs, Morph, Kicker, Tuss, Big Boys, Cotton OC etc. Nowadays glue-sniffing, a kind of addictive substance which can harm you, is also being used.

There are various causes of drug addiction. But in this article I am going to describe about how you can become a drug addict. Let’s see it: Whenever you take a drug for the first time you will probably feel the affect very strongly because you have very low tolerance. Due to intense satisfaction you want to try it again and again and become addict to drug. Overtime due to its continuous use your tolerance level increases. Due to this you won’t feel desired satisfaction by the same amount of dose you used at initial stage. So you should need to use higher dose or stronger types of drugs to get desired and original satisfaction. After sometime, again your tolerance level will increases. So you should again use higher dose or stronger drugs to get desired pleasure. This type of cycle continues unless you get proper help.

At that time most part of your brain will be occupied by drugs. You only think about drugs and way to get money to buy drugs. You will be unable to decide what is wrong and what is right. You only realize that you need drug and must have it anyway. You will sell everything around you, you will murder, lie, smuggle, get involve in crime and do whatever you can do to just manage money to buy drugs.

You will forget about your family, relationship, friendship and responsibility. Drug addiction will destroy your career, health and social status. You will bear high risk of various kinds of communicable diseases and STDs like HIV-AIDS, Hepatitis etc.

Some of the problems, which can be brought by drug addiction are:
i. Family and relationship problems.
ii. Problems at work and school.
iii. Accidents.
iv. Legal problems.
v. Financial problems.
vi. Health problems.
vii. Sexual problems ( can make a addict sterile and can reduces his/her interest in sex)

Above mentioned facts are just a smaller one but if it happens in real life then it will be much more painful, miserable and heart-breaking. I think now you may have been clear about how drug addiction can make you criminal from a normal person and how miserably it can kill you prematurely.

Another wrong belief which people hold about drug addiction is that they regard drug addiction as a personal problem but in fact it is a social problem. If you and your family lives in a place where drug addiction prevails then you and your family members are at high risk of being drug addict. Indirectly, you and your family members can also be victim of problems and crimes resulted by drug addiction.

So, instead of regarding drug addiction as other’s problem we should try to solve it as our own problem.

Always remember that, in life many kinds of scars can be healed with the passage of time but scars resulted by drug addiction will not easily heal. Even if you get recovered from drug addiction it will be very hard to forget the pain and misery of past which will lead you to depression and regret for rest of the life.

So, think 100 times, even 1000 times about your career, life and family (who have a great hope in you) before taking drugs. And don’t do drugs.

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