Chapter: 32 Get Motivated to Study

Motivation to study

Motivation is something that can push you to keep going and doing better.

Some of the ways to get motivated are:

1. Have a goal:

Having a goal not only motivate you but also help you to move in right direction.

Recite the target of your goal daily as much time as you can. The more you recite it the more motivation you will get.

It will be even more better if you publicize target of your goal to your relatives, friends and people around you. This will create pressure on you to achieve your goal and motivate you to keep going. But if you think you can’t handle such pressure then don’t publicize.


2. Imagine:

At least once a day especially in morning close your eyes and try to imagine you have already achieved your goal. Imagine about the pleasure you received after achieving your goal, imagine about opportunity you gained and so on. The more clearly you will imagine the more motivation you will get.


3. Think study as an investment in your future. The more better you study the more better opportunity and good future you will get. The more easier your life will be in the future if you study well:

You can do one thing, generally a wage worker can earn Rs 400 for about 8hrs i.e. Rs 50 for each hour. So while you study 1 hour, record that you have earned Rs 50. Like this, add as much money as you read.


4. Reward yourself:

Set a target or lists of work and rewards for each week or each day. Then after achieving the target give yourself a reward. Remember for bigger target, reward should also be bigger and for smaller target, the reward should also be smaller. But don’t give yourself a reward if you fail to achieve your target. It will be even more better if you give half reward for half accomplishment of target, 25% of reward for 25% accomplishment of target and so on.


5. Five minutes commitment:

Many students who want to study well feels very hard to begin studying. The main reason behind this is that they say, “I will study for 1 or 2 hours continuously”. This makes the studying to appear more boring and hard. To avoid this type of illusion say, “I will only study for 5 minutes”. This will make studying appears to be more easy and effortless. Once you get started to study keep studying as much as you can, don’t stop even after 5 minutes.


6. Try to enjoy:

Try to enjoy while studying. Make studying tasks more interesting. For this don’t think studying as a task but think studying as a thing to get better. You might have heard about Spiderman, superman, ironman etc, like this think yourself as studying man. I know this sounds little funny but even though try to do it. Think exam and obstacles as a villain and think studying as a practice to get better and stronger to defeat such villains. Think the more you study the more better and stronger you will get. In this way, try to enjoy and make studying more interesting.

photo credit: Earthworm via photopin cc