Chapter: 20 Are you a materialistic person

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First of all let’s be clear about who is materialistic person. Materialistic person is the one who gives more and more priority to posses material goods in order to increase the level of self-worth and happiness.

Now, do you think buying latest goods and material without any need (or without having any good reason) can make you happy? Well, if yes, then you are too much far away from real truth. If possession of more material was able to increase the level of happiness, then people at present should be more happier than in the past, shouldn’t they? According to your opinion, yes they should be. But in reality people in the past were more happier than today are. Even though at this present time our life and environment is highly occupied by material goods, than it was ever in the past. But research has shown that level of happiness of today’s people is either equal to or less than that of people in the past.

One condition which you have to remember is that: generally, material possession can’t make you truly happy unless it helps to fulfill basic needs. So, you may think that, if material possession doesn’t gives true happiness then why all people are desiring or trying to posses more material goods. Reason behind this is attractive advertisement. In advertisement attractive models or iconic figures are used to show that buying certain products will make one more happier and enhance his/her life quality and standard. So, every time one sees advertisement of latest material he/she tends to have inner desire to buy that product even though his/her current model of material is helping him/her to fulfill his/her basic needs. Do you think that who don’t see/hear the advertisement of a product wants to buy that product unless needed?

Another thing is materialistic person generally runs after money because money helps them to fulfill their desire of buying more or latest products. For materialistic people possessing latest things make them feel good and better. But in market new and latest things always keep on coming. So, to maintain the level of happiness and level of self worth and confidence they needs to keep on buying more and more new things that comes in the market. They needs to continually keep on buying new things (its also a kind of addiction and such people feel less worthy, incomplete or unhappy when they becomes unable to buy the new material or spend their money). That’s why materialistic people tends to be suffered from debt, stress and unhappiness.

Another fact is that normally material happiness lasts only for 6-12 weeks. Material things can make you happy for a while or it can give a quick fix for your unhappiness. Perhaps you might have experienced how much happy it feels when you buy new things and it is also true that for some days that thing will make you feel excited and happy. But later you will lose all your interest from it and you start to feel bore with it (unless it is updated). And again you need to buy new thing to make you feel good. It’s like low class person wanting to live the life of middle class person and even after being middle class person he/she wants to live the life of more higher class person and so on. In this way, cycle continues.

So, if only possessing more material don’t give true happiness then what will? Well research has shown that experiential possession can make one more happy. Experience can give one lasting and true happiness. Experience can be shared with other people and people show interest and feel good when you share it. Whereas, people don’t show interest to hear about your latest material possession. For example when you go to tour, then experience and memories of tour can be shared with other people and you can again recall the feelings of happiness and excitement while sharing the memories of your tour. Whereas sharing about what type of material you posses generally make people to feel bored.

Experience can also be again remembered at some point of life and can again make you happy. Experience too helps to foster social relationships. Because generally we go to visit new places or experience new things, together with other people: Which can be your friends, family members etc.

That’s why one doesn’t need to be richer for being happy whereas being rich can’t guarantee one for having true happiness. Remember it don’t matter even if you are just able to fulfill your basic needs or if you are millionaire the level of happiness don’t differ much or sometimes can even be equal. Research even shows that community having more amounts of parks, place to visit and entertaining activities contains more amounts of happy citizens.

Moreover sharing things with people, travelling or enjoying together with someone, gaining knowledge on the things you like, fostering relationship, pursuing your passion and giving some kind of help or treat to someone can give you inner sense of happiness and satisfaction. And donating in charity of your choice can also make you to feel satisfied and better.

On the other hand, more material you posses the more fear (of losing your possession) arises. That’s why it is said money can make one rich but can’t give guarantee of making him/her wealthy. Whereas it don’t matter how much memories of experiences, knowledge and enjoyment you posses you don’t have to fear of losing it. It will always stay with you until you die.

So, don’t worry even if you are not well off to buy expensive material. Don’t think that owning latest material can make you happy. Learn to be happy in whatever things you have. It is better to invest your time or money in experiencing new things, fostering relation with family and people you like, doing things you are passionate about and helping others than to gather unnecessary or unwanted materials.

Final Words

I have presented you some of the major teen issues.
Some of the facts in this book may sounds unreal to you but it is real.

I know, I haven’t presented many things to you. But in life answers of many things, are to be searched by we ourselves. With the advancement of science and technology challenge and problem is increasing daily. But thanks to the Internet, now you can find solution to various problems and challenges over Internet. Make a habit of gathering knowledge and applying them. Stay up to date with the help of news and learn to change and move with time.

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