Chapter: 19 Learn to Say ‘NO’

Saying no

Saying ‘NO’ is very important. You may think saying no is not good. But I am talking about saying no to those people who are bad or to those things which you don’t like or which is not good. Although there are implication of saying no but there are even more implication of saying yes to those things which can make you feel unsatisfied, sad and which can make you bad person.

For example, if you say yes to those things that you don’t like then you are saying no to those things you like. If you say yes to bad things then you are saying no to good things. If you say yes to other people then you are saying no to your family, parents and good friends who matters the most.

Generally teenagers are rebellious. Freedom seeking and they can’t make right decision. If your peer ask you to try smoking a cigarette and if you say yes to him/her then you have to face many problems. If tomorrow is your exam and if one of your friends ask you to go for a party. And if you say yes to that friend then you may fail in exam. So, is it good to say yes in these kinds of condition? Certainly it isn’t.

In this world not only teenager but some adult people are also bad who may use you for their benefit by destroying your future.
So, saying no is very important and you should learn to say it.

Below are the some ways to say no:

i. You can directly say no to those things which you don’t like. Although it may feel weird at first but after sometime you will feel easy to say ‘no’.
ii. You can give no reply. Sometimes no reply means you are rejecting and ignoring it.
iii. If you don’t want your friends to feel bad then you can say ‘no’ together with reason, for why you don’t want to do that. You should realize that although saying no can make your friend feel bad. But you should also know that when you are happy then only you can make others to feel happy. In this world there are many people who want others to do their work. And you can’t say yes to all those. If you say yes then you will only get buried inside the responsibility and you won’t be able to fulfill your true dream.
iv. Sometimes anxious, rude or drunk person can ask you to do things which you don’t like. In such case just tell them “Ok” or “I will do it.” But after you get out of that situation you don’t need to do it in real. Remember, lying for good reason is also good.
v. At last, if nothing works then it is better to be away from those people who requests or command too much to do the things which you don’t like.

To be able to say “No” you should have clear vision, you should be able to separate what is wrong and what is right. Just feel normal to say ‘No’, it is the thing that many people say daily in their life.

photo credit: cheerfulmonk via photopin cc