Chapter: 18 Five Major Mistakes by Teen

In this chapter I am going to describe about five major mistakes which can occur in teenage and can effect throughout the life time.

i. Using drugs, alcohol and cigarette

teenage girl smoking

Life is meant to live happily and fully. But these kinds of poison can affect you throughout the life time and can even cause premature death.

Remember, in life everything happens for the first time. Your first try will lead to second try; your second try will lead to third and so on. Who knows your single dose of drugs, your single glass of alcohol or single puff of smoke can make you addict person.

So, don’t ever give a try to such worthless and disgusting tasks, not even for the first time.

ii. Skipping school and ignoring to work hard.

Although you may not like to do degree but you should at least attend school for up to basic level. So, that you can learn basic language i.e. Nepali and English, solve basic math problem and understand basic reasons and laws of science. But you should make studying and learning as a lifetime habit. You don’t need to get higher level of formal education to get success, if self study is your habit. World is continuously changing, your time is continuously reducing day by day and competition is continuously increasing. To withstand this condition self study can help you a lot.

Next thing you shouldn’t forget is to struggle. You should work hard and struggle to make your future better, either by studying up to higher level of education or by learning some kind of technical skills you like and at last utilize them to earn money.

You should realize that main purpose of formal education is also to earn money. So, if you don’t want to study after basic level, then don’t hesitate to work outdoor or learn other skills. But make self study a life time habit.

“Leaders are readers” -Econoimist, Barry Asmus

iii. Not being truly who you are.

Have you ever heard of a factory that manufacture human being? Certainly, not. We human are created by nature so we are different from each other. We aren’t made by factory to be similar.

We are different to be better than anyone who has ever born before and to do the thing that no-one has done before. You can’t compare Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg with each other. You can’t compare Sir Issac Newton, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkins with each other. And you can’t compare Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi with each other, can you? No, you can’t. All of them are different that’s why all of them contributed in this world in a different way to make this world a better place to live.

Everyone, even you in this world carries a true potential to be successful and your potential is trying to come out through some means. So, find out the means(it can be your aim or goal) that you like and enjoy the most and give your best effort to accomplish it.

iv. Marrying and being parent at early age

Some teenager when get in love, they start to think that marriage as the only way to institutionalize their love. So, they marry without being physically, mentally and financially ready. Moreover when they give birth to child, they not only destroy their career but also affect the future of their child.

You should understand that marriage is not like love, which can be broken anytime. You may say “I can do divorce.” But is it good to you marry with the hope of doing divorce? Marriage is not the things to try, it’s the needs. Marriage is the life time commitment to share happiness, joy, sadness and accept each other’s imperfection. And marriage requires not only love but also financial support and all round well being to get successful.

So, change your mentality before it is too late.

v. Listening to peer and ignoring adult.

I have already mentioned that teenagers listen to their peer because they share same kind of view, mentality, desire and problem. As, bird with same feather fly together. But listening to your friend all the time and accepting all their views is not right. For example, when your friend suggest you to try a cigarette, to buy expensive dress, to help them to fight with other group and so on? Do, you need to accept those things? Probably not, such activities are just waste of time, money and many more. And such things don’t matter in the future but can only give you regret and pain.

Next thing you have to do is accept the adult. Adult people are more experienced than you, they knows how the world run and can show you the right paths. But you don’t need to accept all the things of adult. Adult people are generally conservative and see risk on trying new things. As time is progressive and world is always changing, so don’t always listen to adult sometimes listen to yourself. Don’t ignore the basic and true facts which adult says.

Remember, we should take suggestion from various sources but listen to our own self.

These above mentioned are only some mistake that can occur in your life. There are many mistakes which can affect your life. So, to make right decision in such conditions you can take help from experienced people, books or even Internet.

photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc