Chapter: 11 Teenage Life


                                         Everyone experiences teenage life which begin at about 11 years of age and last up to about 20 years of age. This is a transitional stage of physical and psychological human development. As well as change in brain occurs with the increase in knowledge and ability to think abstractly and reason effectively.

                                       Teenage is the short period of life i.e. about 10-15% of whole life. It is the time of learning and growing to be able to face and solve the problems of life. Small changes in teenage life can bring great effects for whole life because it is the initial stage of life. It is time to choose the direction for our life. And if you do a mistake while choosing direction then your whole life can wander around the wrong direction.

                                      For example, if you are morally good, hard-working and positively hopeful person, then you hold a high chance of being successful and good person later in life. But, if you are wicked, addicted and negligence person then you hold a high chance of being unsuccessful and bad person, later in life. You may say that adult people can also involve in bad activity later in life even after being good in teenage year. But chances are very low for adult to choose bad path than teenagers.

Let’s take another example, just imagine what will happen to bicycle moving with the speed of rocket? Certainly it will be more vulnerable to heat produced by friction and may even get destroyed. But rocket don’t get destroyed nor it get affected with that much speed because rocket is fully developed and advance than bicycle. In this way, although you have energy and physical body like adult, but they are not completely developed. Many things in you are still developing so they may not work well. But adult person is more developed than you almost in all aspect, s/he knows how the world works, s/he is more experienced than you and s/he knows which thing is important and which is not.

                                                                             Let’s see some feelings and changes which occur in teenage life:

1. Although you are not completely a child but little influence of imaginary and overestimating character of child is still in you. That’s why, like child you become too much ambitious and you overestimate yourself whereas you underestimate many reality of life. Whenever you see public figure like artist, athletes, politician etc then you want to be like that person without caring about your present condition and challenges. You also regard yourself as extraordinary. And later when your ambition becomes unreachable or impossible then you start to feel stressed and depressed.

2. Externally you start to appear more like adult and less like child. That’s why people around you starts to treat you like adult, they decrease their guidance and observation over you because they forget the one fact that you are still not completely adult and you aren’t mentally ready to handle stress and challenges of adult life. During teenage years you yourself have to make many decisions and decision which you make may get wrong. You faces many new physical and psychological changes which you haven’t experienced before. And such changes and challenges are mostly handled by you yourself.

3. During this stage there is also influence of adult brain over you. That’s why you want to be independent and have self respect. You hate when people scold and criticize you. You start to hold feelings of revenge, anger and hatred for a long time, even if the matter is small.

4. Due to hormonal and physical changes you start to get attracted towards opposite sex and you want to be loved by opposite sex. And your desire to have sex also increases. Since this kinds of feelings are new to you, that’s why you lack experience to handle and manage it properly.

5. You want to spend your most time with your friends. Because you and your friends share same belief, attitude and same physical changes. And it is fact that, people who shares same belief, same problem, same conscious level and same standard wants to spend time together. You might have heard a saying “Birds with same feather fly together.” During teenage year, as you spend your most time with friend like you and if the attitude, behaviour and habit of your friends are not good then it will starts to influence you.

6. At this time you don’t have to be stressed about basic needs like foods, clothes, shelter and other things because your parents are there to fulfill it. So you only give priority to short- term gratification and you don’t think about tomorrow. So, you just want to watch T.V, enjoy and you don’t want to study because during teen year you generally don’t have to worry or stress about basic needs. One research shows that, teenagers give high priority to rewards especially social rewards than consequences. That’s why whenever a teenage boy sees his friends or other people then he try to speed up his bike and tries to show stunts. Because he wants them to give him a social reward which includes positive comments like cool, awesome, fantastic etc. While speeding up his bike and showing stunts he ignore the risks and consequences involved which can even kill him. That’s why during this teenage year, one ignore the consequences and risks of using drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, wasting too much money etc whereas gives a lot of priority to rewards especially social rewards obtained from doing such activities.

7. Remember adult people rule the world.Look around your house, college, nation… who is leading it.
– No matter how much powerful or invincible you may think:
-You will fail, if you don’t study.
-You will end up in jail, if you rob or steal.
-You will die if you do drugs, speed up your bike…
List goes on and on.
But here’s a thing, you will be successful, if you give something of value to other.

This kind of above mentioned facts make teenage life most vulnerable.

I will describe about some of the above mentioned facts in the upcoming chapters. But also try to realize and understand these above mentioned facts and improve yourself.

Remember this quote, “The consequences of today are determined by the actions of the past. To change your futures alter your decisions today.”

Acknowledge that, you yourself should be responsible for the good and bad reward of your good and bad deed respectively.

photo credit: Whiskeygonebad via photopin cc