Chapter: 10 Final Words

Final words

I think after reading previous chapters, you may have learnt many things about addiction. And I hope you will never get involved in this type of bad things.

After reading chapter 9 you may think that nothing will happen even if one becomes addicted because there is solution. But this is just another wrong thing that can pop into your teenage brain. Do you think it is right to avoid caring of our health thinking that there are medicines and methods to cure diseases? Certainly, it isn’t.

According to past trend and past record, one thing you should be clear is that only few people are able to recover completely for whole life after going to rehabilitation center whereas many relapses later in life even after being recovered at rehabilitation center. And some addict people aren’t able to get rid of addiction even after many tries. Don’t forget that, by being addicted you have to lose many things in life and many such things can’t be again regained later.

But my dear friends who are addict at this present time don’t lose your hope. Just remember one thing that,”You won’t lose the fight unless you stop fighting.” So, even if you have failed for several times don’t be sad but keep on trying and trying.

Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker once said, “If I fail to do what I want for 100 times and if I give up at the end due to disappointment and numerous failures. Then I will never be able to do it for my whole life. But if I try again and again then someday I will be able to do what I want.” Think like this and stay positive towards life.

One wrong thing that occurs in our society is that, the parents try to hide their children’s addiction towards drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. They regard their reputation bigger than their children. And again they do another wrong thing, i.e. they make their children to marry thinking that the marital relation will bring them in right path. But this will only make problem more severe. This is like making an innocent person to ride over a mad horse. This will not only damage the life of their children but also damage the life of another person who marries with their children. In this type of condition major victim are girls who marry the addicted boys. So, girls themselves should be aware during their marriage. If you are a girl, then you should not expect or believe that your future husband will change after marriage, even though he promises and do commitment with you to change. Such types of commitments and promises won’t last longer against addiction. So, make your future husband or partner to change and leave addictive behaviour before marriage or before establishing any serious relationship. Think yourself, if he can’t get rid of addiction before marriage, then how can you expect or believe that he will get rid of it after marriage.

One of the teachers of my locality once said, “I don’t care, even if my children don’t study but they shouldn’t be druggists, alcoholic or smokers. What is the benefit or worth of studying and getting high grades if they die prematurely due to addiction and if they are unable to apply whatever they have learnt?” Isn’t his view true? You’re all property, qualification, social status and relation can easily fade away if you become addicted. You won’t be able to live fully.

What my suggestion is, never ever try such addictive substances even for the first time. Don’t overestimate yourself and don’t underestimate such addictive substances. Be addiction free and enjoy your life fully and happily. We are here to enjoy and live our life fully and happily with dignity not to live with sadness, sorrow and self hatred.

photo credit: Bilal Kamoon via photopin cc

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